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A Birthday Gift

As I fumble in darkness with fear,
a soft graceful hand lifted me up,
carried through dusk and dawn.
I was floating on wings of a dream.

Soft silky fondle of her love woke me up.
Like in a cradle I hung on her beaks,
nested by bonds of entwined compassion.

She covered me under warmth of her wings,
Often she fed me by food for thoughts.
I could not gulp all she fed me.
But, unaware I stomached some.

As a worm I was hibernating,
in the termitary of life and death.
By sharp stare of love she infused life in me.
I woke up from grave of my ego.
She made my smile incessant.

On this day of my birth I offer her,
a Blue Lotus of my smile at her lotus feet,
a birthday gift from depth of my heart.


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2 Responses to “A Birthday Gift”

  1. gayatri says:

    Thank you. Put words to the feelings in my heart.

  2. manichandra says:

    it is excellent..amma came in your dream you are so lucky……tha narration is with full of devotion and love.


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