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Chandrapuri Village Before and After

Chandrapuri where we have started Amma’s housing projects, is actually two villages on opposite sides of the Mandakini River that were once connected by a beautiful cable bridge. Batwadi Village, where we are building houses, is on the east side and Chandrapuri Village is on the west bank.

This week, a family has shared rare photos of what Chandrapuri Village looked like before the flood. I have tried to go to the same spots to show what it is like today, but many of these spots have been washed away. This is as close as I could get.

Before & After


#1 The beautiful cable bridge and a huge swath of land beyond it was simply swept away. The damaged blue house visible today was actually set far back from the riverbank, protected by walls, a wide walking path, and mature trees. It is partially visible beyond the left bridge



#2 Upstream from the blue house, everything for the next 200 yards is gone; homes, businesses, and a popular Durga temple.



#3 Looking down from the hill above, you can see how wide the path of destruction was.



#4 Behind the riverfront houses was once fertile farm land. Today they harvest only sand.
More on Chandrapuri tomorrow.

– Scotti

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