Sitting near Amma saw another amazing baby interaction. New York Abeyada comes to sit for meditation on stage during Amma’s darshan holding her one and a half year old baby Lalita. Lalita, however, has other plans… no sitting quietly for her. She wants one thing and one thing only – to get to Amma. It […]

This afternoon, while on stage, there was a bit of commotion near Amma.   The photographer and videographer were nudging for a clear view of two young children who were coming up for darshan.  As I was near the chair, I managed to get a close look at the scene.    The boy and girl were adorable, […]

Christmas Day in Amritapuri was celebrated with a 1-1/2  hour set of Christmas Carols from around the world sung while Amma was giving darshan on the stage. Groups from the US and Europe, sang traditional carols in their respective languages accompanied by keyboard, zither, bells, and clarinet. 18 carols were sung in all with words […]


Over 1800 foreign visitors from around the world have come to Amritapuri to celebrate Christmas with Amma. Festive decorations and lights adorn the International Canteen, and a small tree with a nativity scene lies at the base of the stairs to Amma’s room. Close to 150 children of different nationalities make up part of this […]

The weeks between Amma’s arrival from US tour to her departure for the Europe tour were filled with joy and beauty.  Starting with India’s Independence Day on August 15th, continuing with the Ganesh Festival, Onam, Krishna Jayanti, AmritaVarsham61 and ending with the culminating day of Navaratri, Vijayadasami. Amma showed us how to celebrate and observe […]

A unique birthday card send to Amma from Amma’s Russian at St Petersburg

Did you view the 3 special photo albums on our Amritapuri Facebook page covering the Krishna Jayanthi celebrations: Album 1 – Morning Cow Worship >> Album 2 – Afternoon Uriyadi games >> Album 3 – Night Krishna Bhajans >>

Few days ago, students from the Amritavidyalayam, Karwar school visited Amritapuri. They enjoyed getting Amma’s darshan, participated in seva and had the chance to attend satsangs. Their visit coincided on Tuesday, so they got their special lunch prasad from Amma’s hands. With care, she also called them to come sit close to her after the […]

Today afternoon, during Amma’s darshan, Sri Preman of Kottayam presented the story of Amma’s life through a traditional Harikatha performance. He was assisted by musicians playing various musical instruments. The team showed an enthusiasm that pleased all the people present in the hall. Harikatha is a form of spiritual and cultural story-telling, which is a […]