amma’s kozhikode program is always special. usually, amma gives annaprasham (first feeding) and does vidyarambham (initiation into writing and the alphabet) at the end of the program. this time, two children that came for the ceremony were very interesting. one baby, amardeep, was brought to receive his first solid food from amma. it was a […]


Last week during darshan, I remained at Amma’s side for some time. It wasn’t long before a middle-aged woman came for darshan. She was from central Kerala. It was her first time meeting Amma. She told Amma that early this year her husband had been fishing around 3:00 a.m., casting his net from the boat, […]

At five in the morning, a small group armed with flashlights to light her way, waited to greet Amma at her ashram in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Amma hadn’t been here for many years. The programs had outgrown the tent on the land and had moved to urban hotels. For the last years the programs […]

A survivor of the 2001 Gujarat earthquake shares her experience My name is Laxmi. As a child, I lived with my family in Gujarat. On January 26, 2001, an earthquake hit our lives. I saw our apartment collapse right before my eyes. I could only see dust and debris everywhere. I heard a lot of […]

It was a beautiful Tuesday. As a person looking into setting up the audio setups every Tuesday, i had noted so many Amma’s children setting up a meditation spot near Amma’s peedam (seat). I had been tempted to set a position by putting up the meditation mat but had refrained many a times. A few […]

The first time I met Amma was after a 3.5 hour drive to Seattle. I had a severe migraine at the time, however I was determined to reach Her. I had a dream of Amma previously that made me intent to see Her. I dreamt I was coming off of a plane and was in […]

Seeing 2 missed calls from Senthil, I was wondering what the urgency was, as he is the CEO of an International firm, lives in Srilanka. I got through to him to hear an excited voice at the other end telling me, “Guess whom I met in the airport lounge today? AMMA!!.” I couldn’t believe my […]

Recently a group of visitors spent the day at Amrita Niketan, Amma’s orphanage and boarding school for disadvantaged children in Parippally. They met many children and heard of the sad stories of their experiences before coming to the Niketan. Alcoholism, acute poverty, domestic violence, and suicides previously had been a part of many children’s everyday […]

It is the saga of expressing how the people from all walks of life get influenced by Love. Love doesn’t discriminate between haves and have-not’s, between castes, creed, religion, language, status or position in the society. The teachings and actions of Amma exemplify this universal truth. This is the story of Dr. Jyothi – an […]