After successful medical camps in Nathipora, Zurimanz and Kulhama, the next medical camp was held at Lankreshi-pora. This village was badly hit with recent floods in kashmir. When our team entered primary school (were we had planned to conduct the medical camp), we saw that the school building was badly damaged and the children were […]


Kulhama was where we did the medical camp on 18th November. This was our second time there. Being one of the severely flood affected area, we had decided long back that we will be sending some more medical aid to this place. An announcement was made early in the day in the local schools. The […]

The second round of Medical camps for the flood affected people in the Kashmir valley have begun. Based on our assessment from the previous medical camps, MAM sent another huge truck load of medicines and health supplements. On 15th November, we did a mini camp at place called Natipora where at around 300 people including […]

Five people live in this beautiful one bedroom home, Dharmendra, his wife, and two children, plus his mother. There is a kitchen on the far end, bedroom in the middle, a sitting room at the front, plus the small veranda all packed into just 400 square feet. The kitchen is clean, bright, and very spacious […]

One of the largest landslides from last years Uttarakhand flooding started far above the Mandakini River at Bhiri. Houses were destroyed, but because it happened one week after the flood, the government considered this a seperate incident. The affected families did not qualify for the same level of aid as other flood victims. We found […]


Returning from Kashmir our Medical Team stopped at “Adopted Villages” in Jammu, Himachal Pradesh, and Harayana. The mood was quite different. The people know of Amma. They know we will return. The clinics were smaller and the doctors were able to take more time with each patient. Some even got to visit the villages. Wandering […]

Three years ago, a group of houses in the village of Siror, near Uttarkashi, began to slide into the Ganges. Families were given temporary shelters like the blue structure below, on the left. However, they were not scheduled for any further assistance to build better homes. Many would be living in these tin sheds for […]

Unlike the Kashmiri Medical Relief Camps which involved 30 people, it was only Br. Amit and I who returned to Bandipora to distribute 3000 blankets. I was busy documenting the project, so the whole job fell on Br. Amit. I write about him, not because he is exceptional in any way. Rather, he is a […]

I saw her early in the morning, a small, tentative woman. She would come close to the truck for a short while then retreat, afraid to have hope. I knew by her manner she would not be on the list for a blanket. She tried to tell the list-makers ‚Äčto include her name also in […]