Yesterday evening, as Amma was leaving the stage, I was there waiting for her passage with others and was so happy when she touched our outstretched hands. When she reached the steps leading to her room, Soham, the one year old little blond devotee was waiting for her, carried by his mom Sudha. Amma stood […]

During most Saturday programs at M. A. Center, I sit in the back of the hall cutting out old photos of Amma from cassette covers, calendars, and various outdated printed material to recycle or frame. Inevitably, a few children – maybe 4 or 5, sometimes more – will stop by to help along with a […]

This experience reveals that Amma is always with us and watching our steps. From my childhood, I was being a typical human being liking the media entertainment.  It always used to be just a 3 hour entertainment and the effect of it will fade off after completing the movie.  For some reason, recently the movies […]

Thanksgiving is an American holiday that celebrates the survival of the Pilgrims (early European settlers of the North American continent). They had landed clueless in a strange land, halfway across the world from their origins and it was only through the generosity of their Native American neighbours that they could learn the skills, and be […]


Kalinagar is a small village about 25kms South of Kolkata. A typical Bengal village that can be reached only by walk or a two wheeler, or with the special grace of a three wheeled auto riksha driver. Miles before the village, as you take the right turn from the tarmac road you get to pass […]


Dharmendar Singh of Hadiabad village was quick to pick up Amma’s Teachings. He was dissuaded from selling tobacco in the tiny village. He stopped it the same day, in Amma’s Name. Amma’s children from Amritapuri were in Hadiabad, the village by the Mushar tol (Mushars are a community who are in dire need of evolution) […]

For Amma’s birthday celebration, a number of villagers visited from all over India. One group came from the tribal village of Motakkara. They had never been any distance from their village before and were wide eyed at all the sights of Amritapuri. A group of the children had also come, as they would be given […]


21 Sunday, September 2014 This Sunday in Amritapuri, Amma married Radhika and Rateesh, a young couple who came to Amma’s ashram as troubled youth. Here are their stories: Radhika My name is Radhika. Today, the 24th of September, I married Rateesh, who works in Dubai. For both of us, life was a long tragic story […]


Imagine somebody who has embraced over 34 million persons individually. Imagine someone who has travelled across continents, year after year, for 40 years, wiping the tears of those seeking solace– irrespective of country, colour, caste or socio-economic background. Imagine a being, whose sole mission in life is to shower unconditional love and compassion.Imagine a person […]