I do not wish to see anything anymore, I have seen you. I do not wish to hear any sound, I have heard you. I shut my mouth as you answer me, silently. No fragrance is better, than the aroma of your being. Your soothing feather-touch wakes me up. Desires try to creep in, but […]

Ma! Thy Effulgent Form is Infinite Beauty Personified, Th’ Divine Lotus whose fragrance felt by Yogis, Omnipresent, Yogis humming, “Om Om Om” know it to be th’ most blessed, May I be the blessed Yogi Swan at Thy Holiest Lotus Feet. Ma, the lotus bloomed in the lake named Manasorvar, Permeated its fragrance enticing the […]

As she smiles the Sun, Moon and stars fade. The Universe bows down at her lotus feet. Entire galaxies revolve around her love. The five elements of world create a canopy. The air around her gets purified. The sweet fragrance of love streams of her heart. The water she touches turns into the Holy Ganges. […]

Ma, long long ago, was there a God, named sun, When the vibrant prana calmly rested in Brahma? The effulgent Self already swallowed the illusion, Only silence reigned with empty space illumined. Then silence disturbed, the dance of Siva began, The vibrant prana roared Om, Om and Om, The Self willed let me become many […]


Ma, obsessed with pride, I could barely bear Thy chide; Yet Thy motherly grace flowed so mild, When I was lost in sensual life so wild. Ma, obsessed with avarice, I could barely hear Thy advice; Leaving me to suffer an’ bear, To learn the lesson, ‘tis to forbear. Ma, obsessed with animosity, I could […]


Oh! What a beautiful smile is yours Which removes all our agony Oh! What beautiful eyes are yours Which joins us in our sorrow and joy Oh! What a beautiful face is yours Which dispels the darkness within us Oh! What a beautiful walk is yours Which is so majestic Oh! What a beautiful feet […]

Sitting in darkness the stars bright above, the puja bell rings with chants of divine love. Wake up spirit don’t let your slumber fool you You are always awake Wake up! Nearby temples join in with their prayers Om lives in this atmosphere. Orange begins to arise fingering light beams across the sky, the palm […]

Now the light is gone away; saviour, listen while I pray.. Help me every day to be good and gentle, more like you.. Look down upon your little one.. O light of light.. keep me this night, and shed round me.. your presence bright… Let my near and dear ones be always near and dear […]

O! Amma, now I’m safe in Thy hands, I now know not, “What is sorrow?” O! Amma, now I’m safe in Thy hands, I now know not, “What is unrest?” O! Amma, now I’m safe in Thy hands, I now know not, “What are ‘hell’ and ‘hellish fire’?” O! Amma, now I’m safe in Thy […]