Over 1800 foreign visitors from around the world have come to Amritapuri to celebrate Christmas with Amma. Festive decorations and lights adorn the International Canteen, and a small tree with a nativity scene lies at the base of the stairs to Amma’s room. Close to 150 children of different nationalities make up part of this […]


“There is a lot of positivism in Life.” Indeed that is what AYUDH volunteers from Milan showcased in their recent event “Sulle Ali di un sogno” (On the wings of a dream). Having met Amma in the recent Europe tour and also in few previous years, they had been inspired by Amma’s relentless humanitarian activities […]

Thanksgiving is an American holiday that celebrates the survival of the Pilgrims (early European settlers of the North American continent). They had landed clueless in a strange land, halfway across the world from their origins and it was only through the generosity of their Native American neighbours that they could learn the skills, and be […]


Ma, obsessed with pride, I could barely bear Thy chide; Yet Thy motherly grace flowed so mild, When I was lost in sensual life so wild. Ma, obsessed with avarice, I could barely hear Thy advice; Leaving me to suffer an’ bear, To learn the lesson, ‘tis to forbear. Ma, obsessed with animosity, I could […]


Kalinagar is a small village about 25kms South of Kolkata. A typical Bengal village that can be reached only by walk or a two wheeler, or with the special grace of a three wheeled auto riksha driver. Miles before the village, as you take the right turn from the tarmac road you get to pass […]


Oh! What a beautiful smile is yours Which removes all our agony Oh! What beautiful eyes are yours Which joins us in our sorrow and joy Oh! What a beautiful face is yours Which dispels the darkness within us Oh! What a beautiful walk is yours Which is so majestic Oh! What a beautiful feet […]


Dharmendar Singh of Hadiabad village was quick to pick up Amma’s Teachings. He was dissuaded from selling tobacco in the tiny village. He stopped it the same day, in Amma’s Name. Amma’s children from Amritapuri were in Hadiabad, the village by the Mushar tol (Mushars are a community who are in dire need of evolution) […]


After successful medical camps in Nathipora, Zurimanz and Kulhama, the next medical camp was held at Lankreshi-pora. This village was badly hit with recent floods in kashmir. When our team entered primary school (were we had planned to conduct the medical camp), we saw that the school building was badly damaged and the children were […]

Amma graciously consented to inaugurate the new hall at her German ashram, Hof Herrenberg. The hall was a converted training ring for horses and part of the floor remains dirt for the horses to continue to use. But a wooden balcony and temporary flooring for the dirt ring will make a venue for 2000 people […]