Sitting in darkness the stars bright above, the puja bell rings with chants of divine love. Wake up spirit don’t let your slumber fool you You are always awake Wake up! Nearby temples join in with their prayers Om lives in this atmosphere. Orange begins to arise fingering light beams across the sky, the palm […]

The second round of Medical camps for the flood affected people in the Kashmir valley have begun. Based on our assessment from the previous medical camps, MAM sent another huge truck load of medicines and health supplements. On 15th November, we did a mini camp at place called Natipora where at around 300 people including […]

Milano Devi Bhava lasted until 10:15 a.m. and the buses left by noon for the long journey to Berlin. We passed through the snowy Alps, but the love we experienced in Italy kept us warm! The landscape was breathtaking. Mist hovered over the peaks and hid in the valleys. Waterfalls plunged hundreds of feet down […]

Salutations to the One who is beyond differences.  Salutations to the One who removes the sense of difference in others. Amma always tells us that she sees nothing in creation as different from herself.  We can see that this is true by her every word and action.  But amazingly, in this time when humans seems […]

Five people live in this beautiful one bedroom home, Dharmendra, his wife, and two children, plus his mother. There is a kitchen on the far end, bedroom in the middle, a sitting room at the front, plus the small veranda all packed into just 400 square feet. The kitchen is clean, bright, and very spacious […]

One of the largest landslides from last years Uttarakhand flooding started far above the Mandakini River at Bhiri. Houses were destroyed, but because it happened one week after the flood, the government considered this a seperate incident. The affected families did not qualify for the same level of aid as other flood victims. We found […]


An interesting cross-section of people visit the Amrita University table to find out about Amma’s university, or see about teaching, attending or interning. In the Netherlands, we spoke to some people who told us particularly moving stories. One woman began telling us about poverty in Holland. We were surprised as we had thought people in […]


Toulon is now the biggest program on the tour, with overflow crowds filling the stadium and more waiting outside to get in. They are orderly and disciplined, making crowd control easy. They are also a lighthearted dancing crowd who will be joyously dancing one minute and seriously meditating the next. The organization to produce this […]


Returning from Kashmir our Medical Team stopped at “Adopted Villages” in Jammu, Himachal Pradesh, and Harayana. The mood was quite different. The people know of Amma. They know we will return. The clinics were smaller and the doctors were able to take more time with each patient. Some even got to visit the villages. Wandering […]