I look at the dark night sky I see one glittering Star I know it is you Amma Looking down at me Glowing Filling my heart with light, love Trust and faith I feel so happy You are always shining in my heart You are the Star that shines in the darkness of my life […]

“Amma! Amma!”-so cries the heart. Searched for the true essence of life, Stumbled, got up and walked. Walked away from this tempting Maya (illusion) As harmful as a sharp-edged knife Short-lived moment, but what bliss! This child knows of it The day when her Mother came and smiled ‘Kali! Kali! Kali!’ her heart cried in […]

Amma, Amma, come in my way, Kindly do hear my cry. Amma, Amma, come in my way, I’m so hurt an’ weary. Amma, Amma, come in my way, I’m so sick an’ hungry. Amma, Amma, come in my way, Kindly do hear my cry. Amma, Amma, come in my way, I’m in great worry. Amma, […]


Amma started a school there first; it was about ten years ago. Amrita Vidyalayam, Nagara is a beautiful orange pink building with one very long wing, located on the lush Kollur road, about 45 kms from Devi Mookambika. The village Byse 5kms from school has been beneficiary of several of Amrita Serve activities. Several women […]


5th November 2015, Ranchi We visited one of the premium schools in Ranchi. It was a fun filled session mixed with some interesting discussions about various facets of life. Towards the end we had a short meditation session. Surprisingly there was a pin drop silence in the hall. Some students were in tears after seeing […]


Devgain is one of the adopted villages by Amma. It is situated in Jharkhand state. We visited this village in order to share Amma’s teachings and to inspire the village folk. The village people were dispersed here and there but waiting when we reached. A blind man from the village started speaking impromptu about Amma […]


On 7th and 8th November we conducted sessions on Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique in Ranchi (Jharkhand state). The atmosphere within as well as without was quiet and serene. During the break, people enjoyed videos on Amma and Amma’s initiatives throughout the world. The attendees enjoyed the walking meditation a lot. There was laughter and their […]


Although Amma had just finished the huge Toulon program and Devi Bhava had ended late that same morning, as soon as Amma arrived at the Milano venue, she headed for the dining room to serve food to everyone. It seemed Amma would never stop passing plates to the many sevites there preparing for the program, […]


Marco Gabriel Reyes Grieves is currently visiting Amritapuri ashram for a period of 14 weeks with his parents – his father is Mexican and his mother is American. Marco is from Mexico where he lives in a small village right next to one of Mexico’s most famous archeological sites, the ancient city of Teotihuacan with […]