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From Sea to Shining Sea

Seattle on the west coast of the USA was the first program of the 2013 North American tour and Boston on the east coast was the final program. Amma’s tour group crossed the continent from east to west and north to south by bus. Amma and the group stopped between each city in a beautiful […]

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An Unexpected Bonus in New Mexico

As Amma approached New Mexico, four major infernos were burning out of control in the state, destroying thousands of acres of precious forest land. In neighbouring Colorado, the worst wildfire in the state’s history was raging through residential neighbourhoods, destroying hundreds of homes. The Southwest is in extreme drought, one of the driest places in […]

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Come Quickly

Last night in ABQ, as it appeared that Devi Bhava was almost ending, and while helping to bring tour luggage outside where they were building the pallets, someone came out with a handful of tokens saying that Amma had called staff for darshan yet again. As far as this writer can recall, Amma has never […]

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Standing at the Cutting Edge

Albuquerque – 2nd evening of retreat – 2013 America Yatra Sometimes one has to take a step back from the edge to look around at the surroundings and take in the experience and scenes before getting lost in absolute bliss. It took a lot of effort this evening, because Amma has been doing all she […]

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Like filings to the magnet

The days of Amma’s Seattle program unfolded all too quickly.  The skies cleared for a few hours every day and many attendees took short walks around the parks and streets where pink, red and white azaleas bloomed.  The population of this part of Seattle is thirty per cent Asian and the ethnic mix was noticeable […]

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