Amrita Yoga

Amrita Yoga is an integrated yoga practice that adapts ancient teachings of yoga to the needs of modern life. Through its practice we expand our awareness, gain equanimity of mind and access the full potential that lies within us all.


Amrita Yoga Intensives and Immersions are currently offered in Amritapuri, the ashram of Mata Amritanandamayi in Kerala, India. Here, asana is taught as a devotional practice inspired by and focused on the spiritual teachings of Amma. The ashram serves as a sanctuary, where one can contemplate, reflect and recharge, while broadening one’s experience of yoga. Read more

Daily classes

Daily asana classes are taught at the foundational, beginners and intermediate level. The daily classes introduce Amrita Yoga and its unique elements: the integration of Amma’s spiritual teachings and the internal chanting of mantras during asana practice. The Surya Namaskaram sequence is taught as part of the daily classes. Join for a class


“I am surprised by how much I learned, particularly about using yoga as a devotional practice and not just for health and discipline” – David

“I have never had teachers who took the time to explain and demonstrate each posture with such precision and love. I have learned so much about my practice. A gift.” – Claire Read more