About SRI

Students of the Sanskrit Retreat Immersion will have a rare opportunity to study Sanskrit in the context of an ancient tradition, with instructors who will adapt the traditional approach to suit the needs of students accustomed to Western styles of learning.

The course will comprise the following modules:

Conversational Sanskrit
Students will gain a foundational understanding of Sanskrit through speaking and listening exercises. The classes will require full student participation. Through this method, students will learn how to understand and use the basic declensions of nouns and verbs in a simple and practical way, through oral and physical exercises. The classes will also include role-playing, drama, games, stories, and explanation of ancient Sanskrit proverbs as well.

Sanskrit Grammar
In this class, the students will be introduced to the mechanics of the Sanskrit language, and will learn how to apply them in reading and writing. They will learn the fundamentals of Sanskrit syntax through writing and understanding sentences. By the end of the course, the students should gain an applied knowledge of the different noun forms and declensions, an overview of the different tenses, and general understanding of the other basic aspects of this ancient language.

Indian Philosophy and Literature
In this class, students will be exposed to various Sanskrit texts, mainly focusing on the Bhagavad Gita. There will also be an explanation of the principles of Ayurveda, the traditional Indian system of medicine. The classes will be a mix of lecture, discussion, and interactive activities.

Hatha Yoga and Vedic Chanting
There will be Yoga classes offered each weekday morning. Our instructors draw from years of experience in teaching yoga to facilitate students in experiencing deep unification of physical and mental health through the unique approach of this class. Following the Yoga class, there will be a 25 minute Sanskrit chanting session, where the students will learn correct pronunciation and rhythm of a variety of Sanskrit hymns.