Who Can Apply

Anybody seriously interested in learning Sanskrit may apply. At this time, the course is intended primarily for international students, but Indian nationals are welcome to apply. Students applying should have sound health to undergo an intensive program that will encompass classroom instruction and hands-on, practical exposure for nearly eight hours every day.


We would like to encourage applicants who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program, or have a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.However, applications are also invited from serious potential students of all academic backgrounds and ages. For example, there may be high school students or members of one family wanting to undergo the program together; or even retired people who have been waiting for years to take a suitable beginning course. Exceptions will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Prior language study of some kind is desirable.

Basic familiarity with the Sanskrit alphabet (Devanagari script) is a must.Students without prior knowledge of Sanskrit are strongly encouraged to purchase Sanskrit Flash Cards — a CD/Card Set by Nicolai Bachman.These cards and CD will help one learn transliteration and pronunciation of the Devanagari script in an effective and joyful manner. The Flash Cards may be purchased by following this link. »

Since modern Hindi also uses the Devanagari script, study of Hindi will also give you experience with the Sanskrit alphabet. The Rosetta Stone course in Hindi has been recommended as a pleasant and effective way to learn Devanagari.