The Sanskrit Retreat Intensive (SRI) at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham had students from around the world who signed up to attend four weeks of classes on Sanskrit and Indian culture. The following are the testimonials of some.

We will never be the same again

Holistic Sanskrit… whole-istic Sanskrit… a pearl necklace with Sanskrit as the thread. The luminous pearls include Spoken Sanskrit, Sanskrit Grammar, Yoga and Scriptural Study, with movies, games and discussion to drive the points home. There were Vedic Chanting, and distinguished Guest Speakers too numerous to mention.   It was a team effort with many people going the extra mile (and hours) to make the program a success. All along the way, we were taken care of, nurtured… one could say, spoiled.

As with the whole program, we were constantly surprised, delighted and inspired.  A few days after the course was completed, most of our classmates were gone, traveling back to their jobs, to school, to their homes, their families. But they — we — will never be the same again.

– Shih-In Ma, IBM employee


“The Sanskrit Retreat Intensive at Amrita University was everything I hoped it would be; and more. As a yoga teacher, my goals were to get a sense of the grammatical structure of the language, memorize some of the basic declensions and rules for word combination and be able to make meaningful comparisons between original textual sources in Sanskrit and English translations. I had a glorious experience, returned safe and sound with my goals accomplished and my dream fulfilled. Best of all, my summer in India opened my heart.

Did I mention yoga every morning with an Iyengar-trained Yoga teacher? Our own Vedic chanting teacher? Guest lectures by Ayurvedic physicians and religious scholars? The band of ashram musicians, cooks and guides that accompanied us on our field trips?

I highly recommend this wonderful program to anyone who would like to study Sanskrit in the context of the culture within which it was developed.”

– Anne Dutton, a Yale graduate and yoga teacher


“A huge gift has been given, but it is not what it appears to be.”

-Tony Hirtenstein