13 thoughts on “Panorama photo of Ashram & Krishna Jayanti”

  1. The site dosent need any password. If you were asked, it may be a spyware in your computer!
    We were able to watch this link earlier. But currently it is not available because of the server is being relocated. It should be up in 24-48 hours.

  2. What a beautiful panoramic view of the ashram. I have never been there but it felt like I’m walking around in the ashram. I hope one day I can visit. It will be my dream come true.

  3. Simply Amazing. It was as though I was personally circling the Ashram. Its a blessing from Amma that we can see the ashram sitting at home. Thank you Amma, and everyone at Amritapuri responsible for this picture.

  4. it is beautiful, I was thinking I am myself in Amritapuri, it was so real. Thanks a lot as I have never been to Amritapuri, This is first time I have seen amritapuri. May AMMA bless you all.

  5. Excellent! I have seen many panoramic pictures but none compares to the one of Amritapuri & Shrikrishna Jayanti! Can we have for other areas(like Amritasethu and Main Hall during Bhajans) of Ashram covered & that too in different climatic conditions. Background score is also brilliant. Now i can visit Amritauri virtually everyday!

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