6 Nov 2007 AshramDiary

baby’s day out

6 nov 2007, amritapuri

today, Visrut is attracting the attention of the ashramites — the 2-day-old baby. yes, he was born in the ashram. every one adores him. yesterday he started walking of his own. he walked walked and walked. went out of his home, came to the front of the ashram. all the while his mother was freaking out — she was tied up with something else. Visrut went to the kalari and walked through the passage to the girls’ computer room. he started knocking at the glass door. hearing the sound the bris. came out took him inside. every one caressed him, kissed him. they put kumkum on his forehead. and he came out straight to his ma.

he is white. there are some black marks on face and on foot as well.

he is so cute…. (click here to see his pic)

did i mention he is a new calf of Vishnavi from the ashram cow shed?


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  1. Ahhh.. . . What a Beautiful BABY!

  2. So cute!

  3. Welcome Visrut. You are very lucky to be in the abode of Krishna, Amrita krishna. ( Real Gopalan of vrindavan in previos Yuga).
    Please wait one month and twodays to get that Darsan. You will get amrita hug and kiss and lots of Love and Care. Until ten you share the
    experience of ma Vishnavi, or brother Ram or sister Laksmi and each one the inmates there who are longing to see our Love incarnation. One can see your happiness and sadness in you face from your “white and black” beautiful photo. We can understand your eagerness from your eyes and why you walked to Kalari and elsewhere and and in search of whom. You went to the computer room may be in search of Webcam to see that Divine Face.

  4. Such a special and beautifully unique calf!

  5. Calf Visrut, you’re beautiful, smart, independent and blessed to be where you are. I’m sure you will avail every opportunity to be with Amma when She is there to get the divine glances and hugs. May you live a long life full of Amma’s grace.

  6. OH AMMA – How sweet and ‘vigirdi’ looking, how i wish i were in Amritapuri so that i could just run up to him/’er and kiss him/’er on its lovely face.(that black&white) divine soul!

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