For 21 years,’s mission has been to reach all of Amma’s children around the world and inspire you with frequent updates on Amma’s activities and her teachings. Just like our body and mind constantly change while our true Self remains the same, this website has gone through many stages, while staying true to its […]

If I was a tree in the summer, I’d stretch my branches and leaves towards the golden sun and fix my gaze upon the infinite blue sky. I would swing in the gentle breeze and drink the nectar of the earth with my roots. I’d spread the intoxicating scent of my flowers around and invite […]

Avataris are compared to the spring season. In ‘Viveka Chudamani ‘ Sri Sankaracharya says (in Guroopasatti chapter, sloka 37) ahetunaa santah vasantavad lokahitam carantah(without reason- Mahatmas -like spring season- traverse- doing good to the world.) Amma is often described as spring season on the move, as She has untiringly travelled across the globe for over […]

Amritapuri is verily Amma’s lap for the seekers of Truth. While the vast sea is a constant reminder of the Truth beyond name and form, the island – detached from the mainland of worldly affairs – is a beautiful showcase of the Creator’s craftsmanship. Little wonder that Paramatma chose this beautiful spot to descend on, […]

On a “Masala Dosha day” two years ago, in between bhajans, Amma asked us for evidence for Punarjanma, or rebirth.  She gave us hints through the example of butterfly’s life-cycle. Butterflies undergo three stages before becoming a beautiful butterfly. Egg, Larva, Pupa and the Insect. It is not like the stages of childhood, adolescence, youth […]

Indian festivals celebrate the unity of the trinity -divinity, nature and humans. Festivals and rituals have been a means of promoting this wisdom. In the concept of Dasapushpam, we saw how in Sita Devi’s name, during the holy Ramayana month, we nurture the auspicious ten plants. The ten day long Onam festival is yet another […]

Cousins of Chettippu: Humming Earth’s Poetry “The flowers of our hearts have not yet blossomed. They are still tiny buds. However, if nurtured by faith in God, by love and compassion, and by adherence to the principles of Dharma, the buds of our hearts are bound to unfold. Revealing their beauty and spreading their fragrance, […]

Dasapushpa: A New Concept in Gardening Forest is what is given to us; garden is what we have to make out of it…not desert. Left to itself the earth brings forth rich flora and fauna. Soil has all the seeds in it. Think of it: first the planet was there, and then we were introduced. […]

Kumkum flower: Tacchippu Chettippu. One evening Amma sang a new song “Chettippu Picchippu… ” wherein flower garlands were offered to Little Krishna. At that very instant i saw some ashram women by Kalari with trays full of this very flower, Chettippu, and little stars of Nandyarvattam, making garlands for worship. Hearing Amma’s words they looked […]