O! Immortal Mother, Salutations to Thee, Offering these poems, O! Knowledge Tree, Invoking Thy grace infinite an’ unconditional, To fulfill this dreamy existence, an’ be immortal. The modern man groping in dreary darkness, Whose senses an’ mind deluded, lo! Hopeless, Calls this illusory world, ‘real’, an’ enjoyable, Only to perish like a moth in fire, […]

The bird inside my heart sings for you, oh Divine Mother Who, save you, shall understand its song? Who? Oh Mother of mine… The chirping which only You understand Nobody can stand, not even our closest ones! The bird inside my heart flew to the mind… Alas! The mind is now a cage of Thy […]

Ma, Ma, Ma, Om, Om, Om Slow an’ steady wins th’ race, Chant th’ mantra always. Ma, Ma, Ma, Om, Om, Om Smile a while an’ do exercise, This keeps you healthy an’ wise. Ma, Ma, Ma, Om, Om, Om Eat moderate an’ be considerate, This frees from th’ nature of a primate. Ma, Ma, […]

I look at the dark night sky I see one glittering Star I know it is you Amma Looking down at me Glowing Filling my heart with light, love Trust and faith I feel so happy You are always shining in my heart You are the Star that shines in the darkness of my life […]

“Amma! Amma!”-so cries the heart. Searched for the true essence of life, Stumbled, got up and walked. Walked away from this tempting Maya (illusion) As harmful as a sharp-edged knife Short-lived moment, but what bliss! This child knows of it The day when her Mother came and smiled ‘Kali! Kali! Kali!’ her heart cried in […]

Amma, Amma, come in my way, Kindly do hear my cry. Amma, Amma, come in my way, I’m so hurt an’ weary. Amma, Amma, come in my way, I’m so sick an’ hungry. Amma, Amma, come in my way, Kindly do hear my cry. Amma, Amma, come in my way, I’m in great worry. Amma, […]

O! Amma, God said, “Seek Me, I am happiness.” Knowing which, may I rest at Thy Feet in peace. O! Amma, God said, “All creatures come from Me.” Knowing which, may I love all the forms as Thee. O! Amma, God said, “I am Love, unconditioned, eternal.” Knowing which, may I surrender to His grace, […]

After all these years, I found my divine mother, Who looks after me every second. What more do I want of life? I listen to her bhajans, Her divine voice goes deep into my heart I am so happy through my tears. I asked for acceptance, And you gave it to me dear Amma. Thank […]

Delay not, my beloved Mother, Pouring Your mercy into my wretched heart; Orphaned I am in this alien world, alone, helpless, Give me refuge, my Mother of infinite compassion. Your are farthest of the far, nearest of the near, Subtlest of the subtle, greatest of the great, Pervading everywhere, indwelling all, The origin of the […]