On the eve of Amritavarsham 63, the Amritapuri campus of Amrita University hosted a High Level Panel Discussion on Making Sustainability a Reality: from Policy to Successful Practice on September 25, 2016. Smt Sunita Sanghi, Advisor, NITI Ayog, New Delhi, who delivered the Special Address at the event had an informal chat on lunch, prior […]

Since years I have been praying to Amma that I may never forget her presence in my life. Even though I know that she is always with me, the thought of Amma sometimes slips away in the midst of my hectic schedule in Austria. I have been a big fan of tattoos since long, and […]

Marco Gabriel Reyes Grieves is currently visiting Amritapuri ashram for a period of 14 weeks with his parents – his father is Mexican and his mother is American. Marco is from Mexico where he lives in a small village right next to one of Mexico’s most famous archeological sites, the ancient city of Teotihuacan with […]

This afternoon, while on stage, there was a bit of commotion near Amma.   The photographer and videographer were nudging for a clear view of two young children who were coming up for darshan.  As I was near the chair, I managed to get a close look at the scene.    The boy and girl were adorable, […]

Returning from Kashmir our Medical Team stopped at “Adopted Villages” in Jammu, Himachal Pradesh, and Harayana. The mood was quite different. The people know of Amma. They know we will return. The clinics were smaller and the doctors were able to take more time with each patient. Some even got to visit the villages. Wandering […]

Called the most glamorous city in the world, and famous for its sophisticated culture, residents of Paris lined up for hours to receive a quick hug from a spiritual teacher from a far away country, born in an obscure fishing village. Although many were coming for the first time, Amma didn’t seem to be unknown […]

An ill-fated lightening struck in the otherwise peaceful lives of the relatively educated and employed residents of Kedarnath. Huge landslides and floods ravaged everything they had ever possessed. Having experienced such a dreadful nightmare, a question arose in the minds of these hapless victims: “Will life ever be the same again?” However, in the presence […]

A unique birthday card send to Amma from Amma’s Russian at St Petersburg

21 Sunday, September 2014 This Sunday in Amritapuri, Amma married Radhika and Rateesh, a young couple who came to Amma’s ashram as troubled youth. Here are their stories: Radhika My name is Radhika. Today, the 24th of September, I married Rateesh, who works in Dubai. For both of us, life was a long tragic story […]