I told Amma how I was thankful to her for making the environment for me to participate in volunteer activity in India. Amma kindly took away my anguish and nervousness in my daily life

Br Sivamrita Chaitanya distributing food items, going to the houses of #KeralaFloods victims in Tiruvananthapuram pic.twitter.com/VYeR7EyoA8 — Amma Chimes (@AmmaChimes) August 28, 2018 ‡ -‡ -‡ -‡ -‡ -‡ -‡ -‡ MAM Volunteers & @ayudhkerala giving clothes and necessary items to #KeralaFloods victims of Chengannur pic.twitter.com/vu7PwxG2py — Amma Chimes (@AmmaChimes) August 28, 2018 ‡ -‡ […]

Swami AmritaKripananda is distributing food and clothes to the victims of #KeralaFloods at Mananthavady pic.twitter.com/oUBLzChPRQ — Amma Chimes (@AmmaChimes) August 26, 2018 ‡ -‡ -‡ -‡ -‡ -‡ -‡ -‡ Going into the tribal colonies and areas affected by #KeralaFloods @ayudhkerala volunteers are distributing essential items in Mananthavady pic.twitter.com/CpSzaYTVJg — Amma Chimes (@AmmaChimes) August 26, […]

#AmritaVidyalayam teachers of Pathanamthitta contributing to the #KeralaFloodRelief camps pic.twitter.com/f5XyHsKUnQ — Amma Chimes (@AmmaChimes) August 24, 2018 ‡ -‡ -‡ -‡ -‡ -‡ -‡ -‡ #KeralaFloodRelief support from MAM, Mumbai under the leadership Br Avyayamrita Chaitanya being shipped pic.twitter.com/YsoTVCdA5F — Amma Chimes (@AmmaChimes) August 24, 2018 ‡ -‡ -‡ -‡ -‡ -‡ -‡ -‡ Medical […]

In Tirunavaya, AYUDH @ayudhkerala volunteers going to the flood affected victims and distributing food items #KeralaFloodsRelief pic.twitter.com/wy2BGeA9Ek — Amma Chimes (@AmmaChimes) August 22, 2018 In Tirunavaya, AYUDH @ayudhkerala volunteers help cleaning the houses washing away the dirt after the #KeralaFloods pic.twitter.com/IoAAPECUIb — Amma Chimes (@AmmaChimes) August 22, 2018

AmritaHelpline @AMRITAedu received over 13000 rescue calls. They were verified, handed over to army/rescue teams, followed up with to ensure they were rescued. The Amrita helpline team @ayudhkerala handled over 22,000 confirmed rescues of emergency evacuation. #KeralaFloodRescue — Amma Chimes (@AmmaChimes) August 20, 2018 ‡ -‡ -‡ -‡ -‡ -‡ -‡ -‡ Amrita Cyber security team prepared verified lists of willing suppliers […]

Br Vivekamrita Chaitanya led the @ayudh_in volunteers into #KeralaFloodRelief camps in Kozhikode and houses nearby Parambil Bazar, Cheruvatta, Kinalur areas pic.twitter.com/znhfNBFXX5 — Amma Chimes (@AmmaChimes) August 19, 2018 ,•’“’•,•’“’•,,•’“’•,•’“’•, AYUDH Mysore purchasing vegetables and on their way to #KeralaFloodRelief camps in Mananthavady area pic.twitter.com/V3ue5SPMjK — Amma Chimes (@AmmaChimes) August 19, 2018 ,•’“’•,•’“’•,,•’“’•,•’“’•, Medical camp led […]

,•’“’•,•’“’•,,•’“’•,•’“’•, നിങ്ങൾക്ക് സഹായം ആവശ്യമുണ്ടോ? നിങ്ങൾ സഹായിക്കാൻ തയ്യാറാണോ? വിളിക്കൂ Amrita Helpline +91-476-280-5050#KeralaFloodRelief #AYUDH pic.twitter.com/lE5vU9iGzC — Amma Chimes (@AmmaChimes) August 18, 2018 ,•’“’•,•’“’•,,•’“’•,•’“’•, Led by Br. Vivekamrita Chaitanya,@Ayudh_india volunteers collecting and distributing food items at #KeralaFloodRelief camp Kozhikode pic.twitter.com/z3Uadc7kAO — Amma Chimes (@AmmaChimes) August 18, 2018 ,•’“’•,•’“’•,,•’“’•,•’“’•, Bri. Atulyamrita Chaitanya visiting #KeralaFloodRelief camp in Malappuram, consoling the […]

You can donate if you wish to support Kerala flood relief activities. Go to Amma's website, select from the drop-down menu from here.https://t.co/nZSo1GzKzy Om Namah Shivaya#KeralaFloodRelief #Keraladonation — Amma Chimes (@AmmaChimes) August 18, 2018 ,•’“’•,•’“’•,,•’“’•,•’“’•, Swami Poornamritananda, serving food for the #KeralaFloodRelief campers at MAM Kochi pic.twitter.com/dRerl4hyKh — Amma Chimes (@AmmaChimes) August 17, 2018 ,•’“’•,•’“’•,,•’“’•,•’“’•, […]

Batwadi is a special village. Located on the hillside above flood ravaged areas of Chandrapuri, Batwadi found room for us to build 15 “Amma Houses” scattered across their fields. The people of Batwadi have embraced Amma and everything we are doing in Uttarakhand. Most noteable is how so many villagers will turn out to help […]