Have you ever wondered what it would be like to connect? To truly connect with someone, even if it’s someone we’ve just met? On my journey with fellow students from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham to volunteer for the inauguration of Amrita Hospital in Delhi, one person caught my attention. While we were all enjoying, making conversation, […]

14 Aug 2022, Amrita Hospital, Faridabad Amma always tells us that the first quality we need to develop is shraddha, awareness. Shraddha leads us to Bhakti, pure love for God, and Bhakti ultimately leads us to Vishvasa, unshakable faith in our true Self. When we arrived in Faridabad, I was very impressed to see so […]

07 August 2022, Amrita Hospital, Faridabad Arriving at Amma’s hospital in Faridabad was an amazing sight. It was breathtaking to see the enormous grounds that stretched for miles on end. The towering buildings were unlike anything I had imagined and the air was filled with excitement. The hospital still had much work that needed to […]

It is Europe yatra and Amma had started off the tour with Hof Herenberg, the German ashram center. While attending to a friend from Mannheim who had been coming for many years and talking of Amma’s Germany program, a small girl about 3-4 years of age came running to another lady sitting in front of […]

Think about it for a second. You walk up onto a stage in a huge, packed auditorium. You sit still and allow people to perform a ceremony around you, even though you don’t really want it, even though so many flower garlands around your neck are heavy. But it means so much to the people, […]

Kangaroos! Kangaroos! Everyone on the the staff tour excitedly viewed the silhouettes on the misty hillside. “We really are in Australia!” someone shouted. Talk turned to the possibility of other unique local wildlife sighting opportunities on off days during the 16 day tour. This discussion reminded me of a similar one during Amma’s first tour […]

I am currently visiting Cortona, Milano and Pavia, three places in Italy for research collaborations and official meetings. After one of the meetings, I was invited to attend a “party” near Busto Arsizio. As I was picked up from the station and taken to the place, my host, Sukhrita explained how Amma’s Birthday was important […]

Vaishnavi and Valsala are twin sisters. They are from Amrita Vidyalayam, Davengere (Karnataka). They came as part of a group from their school to visit Amritapuri and get Amma’s blessings. It was their first meeting with Amma. The meeting just blew them away… “There is so much energy, so much love, I feel like crying, […]

well known carnatic classical violinists, mysore nagaraj and mysore manjunath, also known as the ‘mysore brothers’ came to meet amma and performed for her near the end of darshan. they were sitting by her side for some time and as darshan ended, amma decided to sing. she sang two songs, they then took out their […]