20 Sep 2008, Amritapuri

Yesterday night, at the very end of the evening bahajns Amma sang a heart-stirring version of “He Amba”. When she told the musicians on stage about her choice of the song they exchanged glances and smiled at each other. They must have thought to themselves: Amma, who has a repertoire of thousands of devotional songs in dozens of languages, chooses to sing this simple Namavali at the climax of her bhajans?
But in fact, there is no such thing like a simple song for Amma. She can infuse the greatness of her devotion into any bhajan. Raising her hands high Amma called out again and again “Amba, Amba, Jaya Jagadamba, Akhilandeshwari Jaya Jagadamba”. Just a short time ago, she was hugging thousands of people like a mother. Now she seemed to be a small girl who was consumed/intoxicated by the longing for her mother. Singing along with Amma, I was was thinking o myself – Which better example can there be to inspire us to do both – love and care for all as if they were our own children and at the same time remain a beginner, an innocent child in front of God.

– Nath

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  1. 🙁
    missing amma’s bhajans sooo much….wish i could be there!!!!

  2. I so wish I could appreciate what you have written, unfortunately I cannot as of now because what I experience and what you have written are starkly opposite. Sometimes God ridicules and mocks at one’s childlike innocence, ignores one’s prayers, and seems to turn believers into disbelievers. I talk from experience.

  3. Oh, I wish I was there too !! Thanks for keeping us always informed and permitting us in this way to feel so near to our beloved Amma, although She is in our very hearts, She is ever so beautiful and loving!
    Thanks again !

  4. iwillsurvive, what makes you observe in such a fashion, may i ask? The mind is a monkey, at one instant its in New York, and the next instant it could be in Tokyo. Controlling one’s own mind is the first step to resolving one’s issues- what say?

  5. Iwillsurvive…
    Please read what I wrote on the post called Q84: Change-Gift…
    You are not ignored by God…it is only our egos that make us feel such things…
    Try to get out of the habit of thinking that God is not answering yoru prayers…maybe deep down you do not feel you deserve your prayers to be answered….if you release this “undeserving” emotions from you, you will find God will rush to answer your prayers..
    I know, I have been where you are….I still am…but we must work to change these thoughts….
    May Amma answer your prayers….She truly loves you…

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