25 Jan 2009 Darshan

Looking into her eyes

When Amma came to my hometown in the U.S., I didn’t know what darshan was or what it meant. A friend told me, “Amma is a saint! It is a huge blessing to be in her presence.” I got a token, I got a hug, and
afterwards I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. Was I supposed feel more? Other people seemed to.

I asked my friend, Grace, about her experience. “Oh, it’s when I look into her eyes!” she said. “It’s like looking into the depths of the universe!”

“I couldn’t meet her eyes!” I exclaimed. Suddenly I understood. I couldn’t look Amma in the eye. Even while she drew me into her lap of infinite love and compassion, I looked away as if to look away from love itself!

With this realization, I had new eyes to see the divinity of Amma and the love she offers.  The next time Amma came to my hometown, I received darshan and looked into her eyes. I saw only love. It had always been there for me and all her children, even those who were afraid to look.

– Nanette Ray

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  1. Dearest Nanette, thanks for sharing this wonderful experience ! When Amma came to Milan in november I was in line to get Her blissful hug. She was holding the person before me and kept talking to the most wonderful and sweet Indian seva girl that is always with her. I’m so sorry I don’t know her name. She kept talking to her, She was explaining something and allthough I don’t understand Her language, I had the impression that it was not about organizing matters but about how to relate to others. She was ever so sweet, such a sweet voice, such a sweet and loving way to talk and I got lost looking at Her most amazing loving eyes. I prayed this moment to last for ever and indeed it seemed eternity. I will never forget this bliss !
    Infinite love to you dear !

  2. thank you so much nanette… you really made my day! I cried as I read your experience! I agree with you…Amma’s eyes hold the very power and majesty of Her entire creation!

  3. Thank you so much Nanette. I too am one who was afraid to look at love. You were blessed to have a ‘next time’. I too will look into the sea of love ‘next time’.

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