“It is always a special feeling to come back to the campus  where you spent your college days.  Being present here is a great feeling and to be a part of Amma’s Birthday celebrations is surely a bonanza.
I met Amma for the first time in 2004, but I didn’t have clear idea about Amma or her activities  at that time.  I used to wonder why millions of people are attracted towards her.  I understood the essence and grace of Amma only after I joined the Amrita School of Biotechnology.
I  personally saw her doing service and realized the inner truth of Her words.  That attracted me spiritually towards her.  She has some kind of divine power which cannot be explained.  She radiates the essence of spirituality, honesty, truthfulness and selfless service.  Every one of us should respond to her call in a like manner.
After completion of my studies from Amrita, my attitude towards the world has completely changed.  I learned to look at things from the other person’s perspective and developed an empathy  for all.  I found self satisfaction by serving others and by helping  the poor.
I always come to Amritapuri at the time of Amma’s Birthday and contribute my small part to her infinite service in order to earn Her Grace.
We are all children of Amma and should unite to serve the less fortunate in this world.  Only then we would have done our duty in life. ”

interview of Sooraj Babu, alumni, Amrita school of Biotechnology –  by Sangeetha

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  1. I met Amma in 2002 on the Europe Tour, but it took me 5 years of darshans and contemplation of Her Seva to finally get it and to realize how much She had managed to make me change even without saying a word. Thanks to Amma, I’ve learned to let go, to remember that nothing is in my hands and that all is in God’s hands. She opened my eyes on how much life was giving me all the time, when I thought I was the one taking or doing things. I’ve also changed my way of looking at things, getting less directly involved, being more of an observer. Now that She has changed all of that, my life is also getting changed on the outside. But without inner change, I now know that there would never have been any outer change. Her living example is always close to my mind and helps me face all the situations of life. I’m often wondering how would Amma react in such a situation… and sometimes try to follow that path. I’m still far, but I’m walking towards Her.
    Thanks Amma, for teaching us to surrender, and giving us all!

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