21 Feb 2010 Question

Q155: Pleasing Amma?

Question 155:
What are the actions or attitude from your side that you think would please Amma the most?
Please reflect deeply and sincerely on the matter before answering. Please make your answer clear and brief (maximum 5 or 6 lines).

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  1. Have no hate do no harm
    Do not give way to jealousy or suspicion
    Have firm conviction in the power of goodness and in the inherent divinity of mankind
    Always do good and help those who are trying to be and do good
    Remember that the key to being happy is putting your happiness in the happiness of others
    Not in the hands of others
    Try to go one step further and realise that there is ‘No Other’
    Realising this constantly abide in the all pervading Self
    The Self within is the true feet of the Sadguru,it is eternal and immutable
    Hold on to it and live absorbed in the bliss of the Self

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