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Divine Owls?

Amritapuri, 15th February 2011

Few days ago a baby owl was brought to Amma during darshan. It had fallen from its nest people said… Amma blessed the bird and made everyone happy, then instructed that it be returned to the nest.

Later I was shown the nesting place, which is between the first and second floor of the back of the E building (facing the Juice Stall). I enjoyed peeping at these beautiful birds from distance. At night time you could hear them screech for what seemed to be a full-night rather annoying noise.

I also learned that there were 4 of them actually in the nest (!) and that the mother spends the night screeching back sitting on a coconut tree on the other side of the building. From my little knowledge of birds’ life I could tell from the age of the chicks (full feathers grown already) that they should be soon able to fly and learn how to hunt, and I do believe that the mother is calling them from a distance to encourage them to do so and go on their own. She probably still brings them food from time to time but focuses more on making them reach the urge of hunting on their own.

Yesterday morning, I took my camera and headed to the E-building to try to get good pics from the balconies, and I did succeed: Attached are 3 pics and a very special video of our dear friends. Dhyanamrita came also later and he was a bit more daring to get closer, for more precious snaps.
Have a look! They are super cute with their majestic golden robe, their adorable heart-shaped white faces and their big black eyes?

I did a search just before posting this blog and found out that the little ones are known as ‘Barn Owls’, and can be found in many parts of the world.



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  1. First time i ve started admiring owls..They look so cute in this <3
    All Amma's Creation!:)

  2. Dear owls..you can fly up and go to kali temple also…you can also make friends..with the divine eagles and Raama also..

  3. The owls are really Divine Owls, looking so beautiful. The owls seems to be knowing being photographed and so one of them is rotating his neck in such an effortless manner as if wants to communicate something and the other one is completely engrossed in something.( Amma knows)
    Thank you very much for sharing this.

  4. They are so cute indeed! 🙂 Thank you for the video

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