1 Jul 2011 Poems

I just want to…

I just want to lean on your shoulder for a while.
I just want to embrace ecstasy of your love.
I just want to be a thought that thinks about you ever.
I just want to be image of your graceful vision.

Just fill me with fullness of your freedom.
Make me thy child of pure innocence.
Feed me with first food of your grace.
Initiate, me to the world of sounds n’ letters.

Let me read your lips before you express.
Let me shed my tears for your compassion,
then, let me fall on your feet as a tear drop,
smearing my forehead by dust on your feet.

Then let me sing a song of your heart.
Fill my soul full with music of truth.
While I sit here looking at your charisma.
Let me be aware of my insignificance as dust under you

by Satheesan Rangorath

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  1. Thanks, your poem reflects the feelings of the thousands of devotees of our dear Amma.

  2. A nice and lovely poem, Oh! dear Satheesan Rangorath,
    That’s exactly every child cries from the bottom of heart.

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