14 Feb 2012 Poems

The Muse

Her heart sings.
Mind merges,
into heart beats.

There she remains,
grabbing each soul.
sparks n’ spins each cell;
dancing Into ecstasy.

Singer, song, n’ rhythm,
seeps into minds,
percolates all around.
Every one sits in trance.

She enters into each mind.
In sounds of love,
as music of grace,
flushing mundane thoughts out,
by filling her gracefulness,

Melody of primordial love,
takes birth in every being,
sounding divine drums,
merging into harmony.

Every heart beats in tune.
Celestial beings listen,
to the music of The muse.

Entire hermitage meditates.
Time stands still in her harp.
She incarnates in every one.
as mother of all mothers,
embracing world.

Satheesan Rangorath

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  1. Verily the Mother of all mothers, embracing all,
    The mothers, their children, descendants as well.

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