2 Nov 2012 Poems

Help me

Where are you my mother…
I searched for you in my heart,
in the devotees eyes…
in consoling their heart… but
why I ‘m unable to see you…

Please help me to hear
your call… your voice…
I feel  like a bird from another continent,
sitting in this aviary..
I don’t want to get lost in any illusion or delusion…

When all birds have flown up
and gone..
A lonely cloud floats by..
We never tire of looking at each other
Only mountain and I.

My dear mother..
You brought me into this world..
Please take me home..
to your divine abode
of love and only GOD..

Help me..
Help me
help in this mystic silence..

by anagha

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  1. No prayer remains unanswered even if it be the most insignificant.

    AMMA definitely helps you.

    Aum Sahasraaskshyai Namah

    Salutations to Mother, the Supreme Self who has Infinite Eyes

    Here, Sahasra means not a thousand but infinite.

  2. yes i believe my mother has thousand (infinite) eyes…

    Aum sahasraaskshyai namah.

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