26 Nov 2012 Poems


Whenever we touch our heads to the Feet of The Lord
a rainbow is born somewhere on earth.
Whenever we forgive the pain caused by someone we love
a thunderstorm is added to the desert sky.

Whenever we strive to live by a few simple truths
a fresh stroke of color is painted on the wings of a bird.
Whenever we recognize the beauty inside our enemies
a new ray of light is sent down from the sun.

Haven’t you wondered where inspiration comes from?
It is showered down on us like a gentle rain from God’s heart;
It is the grace we receive when removing the ignorance that covers ours.

Whenever compassion dawns, inspiration becomes our pilot
And with a visa from The Lord, we can go anywhere we want to go.

by Narendra

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  1. No, “And with a visa from The Lord, we can go anywhere we want to go.” Are you just passing some riddles from your scribbles?
    With the realization “I am the Self, or I am God”, we become all-pervading, all-knowing, all-powerful and even beyond such omni capacities. That’s why AMMA speaks simple Malayalam and plays with children.

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