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Q218: Clear Mind?

Question 218:

Amma says: “If we can make our own mind clear and bright, the world around us will soon follow suit.”  How do you understand this?

Please make your answer brief and clear (maximum 5 or 6 lines).

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  1. The mind becomes clear and bright in two scenarios – (01) When we physically get close to the Divine (like Amma’s Darshan), and Sadhana and Prayers also bring us closer to the Divine – internally. When we feel the divine within, we naturally gain the ability to influence the world around us. Divine becomes both – the Journey and the Destination.. infusing divinity into the world around !!

  2. To make our own mind clear and bright is to be the Emperor of emperors of the world. “Yatha rajo thatha prajaah”,
    World naturally follows the best i.e., AMMA and Her guiding supreme principles which are digested, assimilated by Her disciples following Her suit and the world following the suit of Her children or disciples.

  3. microcosm = macrocosm

  4. Positivity is certainly contagious specially when the surrounding is receptive to it or enclined to embrace it. Otherwise it might take some time before others follow suit. In that case they will probably move away(at least for a while) and one gets to protect and preserve his/her bright mood.

  5. like a candle of positivity – you can give positive energy to others if you stay positive (reading positive information, being around saints, using clearing techiques to pacify the mind, doing good deeds without expecting thanks or reward, meditating, mantra japa etc help daily)

  6. The world is a reflection of one’s mind. One’s perception of the world is made up of one’s own tendencies, good or bad. Yudhishthira, the Pandava prince who was synonymous with Dharma or righteousness, could see only good people all around. In sharp contrast, Duryodhana, the revengeful Kaurava prince thought he alone was all goodness, and resented everyone else.
    As our AMMA says, one must look upon the world with optimism, loving even those who hate us. The optimism will disarm them and bring about some transformation.

  7. the mind is constantly in action thinking,japa of goddess constantly brings solace and bliss…amma as goddess is the only japam..amma sharanam 🙂

  8. I don’t understand how it works but since Amma said it I know it must be true and therefore I know that the best way to make the world clear and bright is by working on making my mind that way. So my habit of looking at the darkness in the world and evaluating how to change it has decreased as I have seen this truth.

  9. to feel more now the narrowness of vision, when this body is in the personal identity(thinking),me. ‘Me’ is a collection of reactions and reactive patterns that are made of the mind ie self differince.in this i can only see things from this ‘limeted’ point of veiw. When again the attention of mind is brought back to ‘Amma’, ‘Love’ the mind becmes still and the body mind opens again to a greater (unlimeted) point of veiw. With this all spelling mistakes made, are not so important.

  10. When we live in present and are very clear doer is the divine power and we ae part of the him and tribute everything to the divine power

  11. The world inside each one of us is our own creation only. Same person reacts to same situation differently. If we come across a soft,calm person it will have an impact on us. Likewise, if we face a troubled person, that effect will be there on us for sometime. Likewise, when our mind is clear and calm, that will affect the person we face in our life and as a result our world will follow suit…..
    Mata Rani ki Jai

  12. Through the 5 senses we perceive this world and create it in our mind.As amma says the seeds of war was sprouted in a mind and spread as hatred to ourtside.Many wars were fought outside was only created by an individual.Duryodhanan,Hitlor, Stalin Musolini
    crusades.So if wear a dark glass and look at the world we see only dark world. similarly a dark mind will see only darness around.When the mind is bright you will see the world in brilliance.

  13. Amma brings us God light as seeds in our hearts, as Self onniscent Pure Love
    and with free will we can spread this light and illuminate the hearts of others
    This controlling our mind illuminating it with full image and Pure Love of AMMA, so as candles lights the outside world can wakes up.
    Thanks Amma to love so much us, nonostantly our Ego so hard to broken as false armor your river of love eternally is so Great, have you near is a Miracle )

  14. Amma I understand this as the way we look to the world same way world look to us.If we purify our self through good thoughts and deeds and try to think and act positively surely that will reflect to others. Hence the purity of our inner self will lighten up our self as well as others

  15. When we interact with the world and our minds find fault with the world around us, we should realize that the faultiness we see in the world is actually imperfection in our own minds. Then we try to bring some clarity in our minds by following instructions given by Amma – like doing seva with right attitude regularly and other spiritual practices. This will eventually not only benefit us but also the world around us.

  16. A clear mind is one-pointed, devoid of any baggage and focused. Under the guidance of a true master, this focus is helped by complete purification. Worldly people, normally, gain focus only by concentrating on one area like Economics or Politics and so that focus is not as forceful as the one which is achieved through spiritual means. Even then, we see that during an election when two people are giving a speech, the one who is more focused is the stronger candidate. However, a person who has grown under a spiritual teacher is a powerful channel of the Divine. As such, he attracts people and can influence them.

  17. Our mind is a wonderful gift to us and once we understand it,we become the king of kings and unshakable in all situation.In Bhagavat Geeta and Upanishds,it is clearly said that mind alone is our best friend and our worst enemy.The mind is the cause of our bondage and also means of liberation.The person possessing a clear and pure mind will be the most successful in any given field of life.Whether one is living a secular or spiritual life purity of mind is very essencial.Impurities of mind manifest themselves when the mind is functioning.Ecach and evry person make their own world according to the thoughts in the mind or vasanas(accumilated impressions).So the experience also diffferent.If you wear a green spectacle and see through that you will see everything in green color.If you smile at the world , the world also smile back at you.Do unto the them (world) what you expect them (world)to do un to you.This is the words of great Shakepear)

  18. We are all ONE. So if one member gets his mind clear and bright, this will give positive effects also to the whole universe and more specifically to the world around us.

  19. The mind is a very powerful tool indeed, eventhough it is physical (limited, to be clear). It is nothing but an accumulation- of facts,thoughts and a host of other data that one gathers from outside. If we get some mastery on how to use this accumulation effctively, it’s truly amazing. And what to say about Amma, the Maha-Guru, who has transcended the limitations of the mind!!!
    Hence it is obvious why the world follows Amma.

  20. A clear and bright mind is calm and allows one to have a clear mind to reflect the inner self. Like a stream which is clear and calm allows you to see through the water. This inner self is reflected on the world around us.

  21. If we are beset with doubt and fear , we will see everything around us in the same light . However, if we see love and oneness all around us, the positive vibrations emanating from such an attitude will be felt by all around us.

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