She is the director of the divine shows conducted for her children at every place she visits. The stage is decorated, people assemble… AMMA, the divine performer comes on to stage. A glimpse of her brings joy, tears, a smile, and devotion to her children’s hearts. She is humble, loving, beautiful, with her enchanting smile.

This is the only show where people come without taking any ticket, and go back with hearts filled with joy. They forget their problems watching and listening to her soulful bhajans.
It is the only show where each person gets the chance to meet the performer, the divine performer, and receive a divine hug which will transform each individual.

And the show goes on to late night– to the next day morning. The Divine performer (AMMA) continues to be full of energy, up till the last minute, giving and spreading the message of LOVE.

The show ends, AMMA leaves the stage with the smile of a satisfied mother who has fed all her children. The visit’s celebrations also end. Her children pack up things… for her next show.

This year, in Hyderabad, my eyes were filled with tears when the visit ended and the curtain came down.
May AMMA conduct her divine shows for many many more years, transforming millions of people… teaching them bhakti and giving them Shakti…

With humble pranams at the lotus feet of my beloved AMMA

Sheela (Hyderabad)

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  1. Thanks for this touching post. Amma, the Divine performer…….yes, let the divine show and flow of Ammas Love go on eternally……..within in our hearts, transforming us, making us part of Ammas divine lilas, for us and everyone around us to see. Thanks Amma. Let the curtain of Maya fall down, making us see Your true form forever.

  2. AMMA, the Supreme Divine Mother, Goddess Sree Lalitha Paramesvari, who is in front of us, to whom all Gods and Goddesses pay their obeisance and receive blessings. And you tried to drop a few words here … nice to read, the wordings of a spiritual toddler.
    Uncomparable beauty of Goddess – Supreme
    Tvadeeyam soundaryam tuhinagirikanye tulayitum
    Kaveendraa: kalpante kathamapi virinci-prabhrutaya:
    Yadaalokaustukyaa-damaralalana yaanti manasaa
    Tapobhi rdushpraapaamapi girisa – saayujya – padaveem (Soundarya lahari – sloka12)

  3. Even the Gods descend down to watch the divine play of our wondrous Mother, Amma! As She welcomes each one of Her children, consoling and caressing them as only a mother can, time comes to a standstill. Pure Love is in the air and all negativities fade into oblivion. Embracing the world, Amma is travelling the globe performing this wondrous act of unconditional love and compassion, showering Her infinite grace upon us,that we may be enthusiastic spectators of this divine spectacle!

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