Uttarakhand Relief

We finally reached Gupt Kashi, another affected zone, after sliding down mountain screes and clambering up steep mountain paths on all fours, which were made all the more slippery due to yesterday’s rains. Here the problem was more of getting cut off from the rest of the world. Roads had been swallowed up, electric cables downed… but the resilient hill people still carry on. Our medical team is doing wonderful service and the administration is very appreciative of our efforts. People are coming from far off villages to get medical aid.


There is forecast of heavy rains in the coming days. The last thunder burst caused the waters to rise 30 or more feet, but that was before the monsoons. Now that the monsoons are imminent there is apprehension. The family who gave us shelter yesterday told us in a matter of fact way that they may not survive the rains. But I know they will for we are praying to Amma for them.

– Nijamrita