14 Feb 2014 Disaster Relief

Climbing up


Chaukhamba 7138 meters

As the full moon approaches, the air is crisp and clear. We had frost last night, then a bright, sunny day. I decided to climb the steep trail behind our building sites for a new view of the mountains.

In the valley picture, our village of Batwadi rims the green fields in the foreground. All of the grey area along the river was once fertile farmland and houses. There was a bridge connecting the village area to the right.


Mandakini River flowing south to merge into Ganga

It seems no matter how high you climb, there are villages, schools, and temples. Immediately after the flood, it was only the narrow, high roads connecting ridge top villages that remained passable.


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  1. I have heard that the beauty of Himalayas is so enchanting. Now I see them here in this blog.

    Thanks for sharing.

    May AMMA give us strength to climb and meditate on the peaks of these blessed mountains like true ascetics.

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