If each soul was born,
with an internal ‘spirit computer’,
then my Guru would be the one,
who overhauls my operating system,
and upgrades software,
with appropriate updates

She gives periodic memory boosts as well

When my system crashes
she gets it running smoothly again– always

A master technician in the arena of soul
the Guru is Grace personified

Sometimes it hurts…

purifying fires
rearranging wires

deleting desires…

My mind gets tired!

But all I have to do is keep my power turned on
and allow surgical intervention
(as needed)

After the repair job’s complete
it’s neat how
effortless bliss inspires
and all applications zoom along strong

Each moment is an unimpeded page-load
and all windows stay open
to infinity

– by Rama Devi Marshall (USA)

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  1. Amma is more than the computer technician 🙂 She is the Master of all minds and mind itself being Apanchikrutha, beyond the five elements.

  2. True, Amma is the ultimate power behind this human computer, without which this computer comes to a screeching or silent halt, never to boot again. From time to time, She takes the shape of the OS, as Software/Hardware upgrades,as windows, as a computer technician to perform a specific destined task.. as one of the old bhajans goes:

    without doing anything, She is the One who does everything

  3. Truly our Ashram is the real Ammachi lab – In the process of qualifying us to be the fitTEST, Amma the sofTEST puts our egos to conTEST, unmindful of our proTEST until She atTESTs our GURU continues at Her BEST….Way to go Mother – Jai MA!

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