Yes, Amma is definitely extended a loving hand to Kashmir. Everyone knew Amma would, and now relief work been initiated.

Hamirpur Kona lies in Jammu sub-division, one of the areas which were affected by the floods but which are accessible now by road. A few days ago these were islands isolated from each other by the swirling flood waters… The army stepped in and within a couple of days they had built temporary bridges across that which had been paddy fields. Paddy fields became vast bodies of water and boats and helicopters plied to rescue stranded people.


A few houses and shops are damaged, cattle have died, and as they recede the flood waters leave layers of silt on the fields – which may make agriculture an impossibility for a year or more. By Grace no one in this particular village lost their lives. Tomorrow after meeting some government officials we head out to as many affected areas – to directly assess the damage and to understand what we can do.


It was from this village, a few days ago, that a Jawan of BSF floated into Pakistan which is but a few meters away, when the motor of his boat developed a snag. Thankfully he was returned unhurt in a gesture of good will. The floods seemed to carry a message – we humans keep drawing lines on maps and even in our hearts – and engage in endless arguments and conflicts and one day a small river called Chenab floods and you have a vast lake of water, undivided. But maybe if we could we would draw lines on water too.


– Nijamrita