31 Mar 2015 Seva

5000 Roti

Around 200 villagers from Uttarakhand traveled by bus for two days to see Amma in Delhi. For most, it will be their first chance for her Darshan. For many, it is their first trip to the big city. They represent all of the UK programs we have launched in the past year: recipients of houses, vocational training graduates, children from our tuition classes, and the complete class of women who are learning to build toilets.


Most remarkable is how quickly they have blended in. Just as they embraced our programs in their villages, they are eager to participate is Amma’s Delhi Program.


On her arrival, Amma served over 2000 a prasad meal. It included nearly 5000 roti, hand made in the traditional manner by the Uttarakhand ladies.

– Scotti