6 Feb 2016 Poems

Call of a Child

“Amma! Amma!”-so cries the heart.
Searched for the true essence of life,
Stumbled, got up and walked.
Walked away from this tempting Maya (illusion)
As harmful as a sharp-edged knife

Short-lived moment, but what bliss!
This child knows of it
The day when her Mother came and smiled
‘Kali! Kali! Kali!’ her heart cried in ecstasy.
But did her mind listen to this new-found rhythm? Alas!

Oh Kali, what about this child?
Once again trapped in the ephemeral world.
This child of yours looks for eternal peace-
Peace from her own mind,
Where everything else will cease to be
Save for the love of this daughter for her Mother.

Janani! Kindly wake up to the call of this foolish child,
Foolish enough to be lost in worldly pleasures

Take her by the hand and promise her;
Promise her you’ll never leave nor forsake her,
And grace her with Thy Eternal Presence
Presence she will feel when her Mother will embrace her forever

Devi, please accept the humble prayers of this child
And make each and every atom of her being be drown in Your Divine Love.

– Dhivya

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