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Q70: Amma dream?

Question 70:
“What was your most memorable dream with Amma in it?”
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  1. She was a huge whale that moved with me as I ran on a beach and suddenly She projected so much of Her energy on me. Another time She was Kali, so huge, and moving so fast but She filled me with complete bliss. And finally, I had been thinking of a particular statue of Mary and infant Jesus. I dreamt Mary was Amma and she was holding me in Her lap.

  2. I will tell you about two:
    – In my first-ever dream of Her, She told me to chant a mantra. A month or two later, I received mantra initiation from Her in Michigan – and it was that mantra.
    – One time I had such an intense longing to see Her in a red sari for Devi Bhava. The night before Devi Bhava, I went up for darshan and I was begging Her for it in my mind. She kissed the top of my head. That night I had a beautiful dream of Her wearing a red sari in Devi Bhava, radiant with golden light. When I recalled the dream in the morning, I was in tears. (The next evening, She was beautiful in purple. I feel that She knew it would not be possible to wear a red sari for whatever reason, so She gave me the dream as a gift.)

  3. I was eagerly waiting for her physical darshan but before that I got her darshan in my dreams. I was in her divin lap and she was fondly loving me all over my face and teliing you are my payari beti. I felt as if i was in lap of GODDESS.

  4. It was a long dream before the Amma part, but I’ll just skip to the Amma part. I entered a large golden ballroom and sat down on the floor. (I had been told to wait by the receptionist outside the doors) Then I noticed a woman in white (Amma) sitting a bit infront of me who hadn’t been there before. Then I noticed Buddha was standing near the doors smiling. Then I saw Rama standing opposite Buddha by the doors. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder and Krishna was there and he asked me if I wanted to dance!! To make the long story short, we all ballroom danced for a while!! This dream was in 2002, but I didn’t meet Amma until 2004!!! I had no clue who the woman was for many years after that. Amma came to Her child even though I hadn’t met Her then.

  5. Mmmmm… many times, AMMA reminds me that She is ever with me and especially whenever I feel torn or shattered, She comes in dreams with Her beaming smile only to remind that Life itself is a dream of few days.

  6. I was in a village with stone and dirt huts and I was carrying a bag in each hand. Amma came up from behind on my right hand side and swiftly took the bags from me and walked ahead quickly. All I saw was her back as she lumbered away ahead of me her long braid dangling down the center of her back and her body rocking from left to right as she walked. For me it meant that Amma helps me when I am carrying problems…she takes them from me so I can be free.

  7. There was a huge crowed waiting for Amma in this dream. I was waiting too. It seemed I had something to do. I stood along the pathway to the stage and attended to a little fire. The stove was made of wood so I took the fire out in the open and placed it on the space just before the wooden stove. When Amma passed on Her way to the stage she took my hand and spoke to me. I felt as Amma was very near to me and as bathed in Her loving presence. I woke up and the feeling was still with me and a deep longing to be with Her. So I decided to go to the weekend with Br. Shubamrita which I almost had given up going to as I was unable to contact anybody prior to it and all went well.
    Thank you

  8. every night i go to sleep praying that i would dream of amma….
    let me recall the most beautiful dream…
    once amma and me went for a walk holding hands…..it was dusk and there was a light breeze…the orange sun fell on Her face illuminating it with unexplainable grace…we didnt speak.. and the beauty of the walk lay in that silence…
    i was reminded of the bhajan in malayalam.. “pelava kaiviral..”…it speaks of the desire to hold Her nimble fingers and walk through the vast sky of Mind…..

  9. I have had many dreams of her, but none recently. I had a dream once when I was crying for Her. LIke a baby. I really wanted Her and to be safe in Her arms. And I kiss Her hand and she asks me in kannada, “why honey?” it was an amazing dream. I felt Her presence. I love my Amma

  10. It happened when i was in school, it was quite dark and some people were chasing me to kill….by the time Kaali devi appeared before me…and said “don’t be afraid, Amma is with you”….i belive it was Amma….after that i got Her physical darshan…after that Amma came in my dreams several times…praying to Amma to come everyday

  11. i was somewhere in this world in a city. i saw then that Amma was giving darshan. i wanted everybody to come . My parents were there and my brothers. It’s is a long dream she showed her inmense love and the face of kali to my mother. It was very impresive. I was very close to her and she told my parents that they should be proud of me. I am always happy after having dreamt of amma.

  12. I dreamt Amma appeared in my bedroom. I thought – this is a golden oppurtunity to ask Amma what she wants me to do with my life. I said “Amma, what do you want me to do?” Amma just started laughing. I repeated the question a second time. Amma continued laughing. I asked a third time, now feeling exasperated. Amma stopped laughing and suddenly looked a little concerned. She said “Take care of your health”. When I saw Amma’s astrologer a some time after this she repeated those exact words. That was the most vivid dream I have had about Amma. In fact it wasnt a dream. Amma was really there. I am crying thinking of Amma being with me…. Happy Guru Purnima everyone.

  13. One Amma dream stands out in my mind. It was a few years ago. I was standing in a long line for Darshan. For some reason I felt this was around the New York area in U.S.
    After some time it was my turn for Darshan. Amma was sitting on a huge platform and She calls me for Darshan. When I go to her She starts dancing. As I am watching the ground opens up where She is dancing and instead I see Lord Shiva dancing! I was amazed. I feel that Amma and Lord Shiva are one. I just got up then with a start.

  14. Out of several memorable ‘ swapna darshana’ of AMMA, I would like to share one such dream as a tocken of deep gratitude. At that time I was not Her devotee.It was on 23.02.2002.I was attacked by severe migraine.With great difficulty I slept. At around 2 A.M.(i.e.24.02.2002), in half awaken state,suddenly I felt that I was seperated from my body, travelling up circularly in the path of beautiful light with great speed, calling out ” Amma…Amma…” The light became brighter and brighter, the light was AMMA and Amma in the form of Light touched and caressed my whole head, very beautifully smiled and disappeared. I got up with vibrating body,walked here and there in a swinging manner. To my astonishment, my head-ache was no more!! Since then, after that miraculous touch of Amma, my chronic migraine was cured completely.

  15. I am an orphan, staying with my aunt. i worship Amma as my own mother. I wanted to get mantra frm her, tried and failed a couple of times. One day i dreamt Amma giving me my mantra. The dream was very real. I told someone about this. He told me to go and meet Amma at the earliest. I didnt have money nor i knew the place very well. But a miracle happened as one of my friend was going to meet Amma with Family. I went with them. I got the darshan and asked Amma for a Mantra . I didnt understand what she replied. I became tensed. My friend and his family had to go back soon. i decided to stay back for the day. Last the moment arrived !!!! i was crying and crying never knew why? maybe because of the tension whether she will give me the mantra or not. My turn came up. I asked for chotanikara Amma’s mantra and finally she whispered it in my ears ……………………………….. dream came true.

  16. In my dream Amma appeared huge in size [the whole Earth beneath Amma’s toe!], smiling, beaming like thousands of suns shining together… I was sitting in Her shoulder holding Her neck. I don’t know what bhava.
    Then it was Kali bhava… trying to scare me. Like a child I crawl to Her and hold Her padam. She smiled and picked me up and kissed.
    One day while dreaming of her and longing for her, I could not bear the pain and was crying uncontrollably. I fell down in my bed and went to a different state all of a sudden. Later I could see myself in Her lap; in Mathru Bhavam. She was consoling me ‘Enthina Mone Karayunne, Ammayille’. My roommate came to the room all of a sudden and She dissappeared, but I could smell Amma’s fragrance for a long time.

  17. I was on my knees as Amma entered a big hall. She stroked my head and sweetly asked “Aren’t you the boy who’s in school in New York?” I said “Yes Amma” and She motionned for me to get up and walk with Her. We left the hall and Amma led me through many passageways — underground tunnels, spiral stairs, up ladders and across rooftops — and every time we came to a locked door, Amma pulled out this big ring of keys and opened it. Finally we came to a vast, open park where a celebration was happening. Amma became VERY happy, explaining that She loved this place because no one knew who She was here. We sat at a picnic table in silent bliss for some time, and then I asked “Amma, what is my Dharma?” She just smiled at me. I asked again, and She smiled again. I asked a third time, with more conviction, and Amma leaned over the table, with Her face close to mine, and said “OK, I’ll tell you.” Instantly I awoke, and found that I was sitting up in my bed. I looked around and realized that this was my dharma — my current life, just as I was living it. I was very happy to know this. Thank you Amma!

  18. 2 dreams out of many:
    – Shortly after reaching Amritapuri 15 years ago. Amma was dancing on the beach. She was a teenager dressed in a yellow skirt and orange blouse. She was totally in bliss.
    – I saw Amma in white with a fish tail! I thought this was Vishnu’s Fish Incarnation and Amma was also Vishnu’s incarnation. When I went for darshan later, I told Amma: “I saw Amma in fish incarnation!” Amma replied: “It was a dream”, but I know the dream came from Amma.

  19. I have had many Amma dreams, but there is one from when i was a little kid. i loved all incarnations of god, except Kali, she scared me. One night, at the san ramon ashram, every devotee was on the stage and Amma was sitting against a pillar in the hall, I was the only one sitting next to Amma, i was on the right. Amma was stringing together a garland with intense concentration, the next moment Amma turned towards me, her sari turned dark purple, her hair flew back into tiny tight curls, her tongue came out and a roar followed it. In my dream I jumped back a little bit, Amma laughed so loud and showered flowers on me. Then i scooted closer to Amma in my dream and after that i was never scared of Kali Devi 🙂

  20. I remember that i was helping her feeding people. I was folding napkins. Suddenly, she looked at me and told me “I want to show you something.” Then i remember being teleported to an ancient Mayan pyramid temple. It was night time, but there were torches everywhere. I was at the bottom of the stairs leading to the top of the pyramid. Somewhere on the stairs, there was a boy on a donkey riding down. The boy was 6 or 7 years old, but he was of magnificent beauty. He was wearing white robes. Then, he started singing. I remember the tune which was so amazing and peaceful. And then, i woke up feeling so energized.
    Later after the dream, I saw the DVD ‘River Of Love’. In the dvd, there’s a song sung by Amma, “Everyone in the World”. When i heard it, i remembered that it was the same tune that the boy was singing!

  21. Amma is sitting in gyana mudra in Kailash with a snake as a necklace, with matted locks, and hiding Gangaji in the locks, Her bdoy is decorated with vibhuthi, and with all the attributes like Trishul and udukku in the Arms ect. and giving ‘tattopedesh ‘(Departing the high knowledge) to all rishis and all by keeping me at her lap in the place of Parvathiji. This is the only dream of me.

  22. Every night i go to sleep praying and thanking amma but never had dream.

  23. i had a dream of Amma in Devi Bhava sitting before a lot of devotees and i was sitting somewhere in front. suddenly Amma said to me to go back and let the others come in front. i ran somewhere upstairs heartbroken that Amma had asked to move away, i felt She didnt want me near Her. While i was crying i heard Amma’s voice calling “bindu mole bindu mole” and i heard someone hurrying up the stairs. i was wondering who sounded like Amma and was saying my name and suddenly there She was back in Her white saree coming rushing towards me. Amma came running and took me in Her arms and said Ammende mole Ammende molu Ammende mole ninneku sangadam aayo ponnu mole” and i woke up dazed crying tears of gratitude and joy wishing that i could go back to sleep into that dream forever and ever..

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