18 Jul 2008, Amritapuri

Today the ashram celebrated Guru Purnima with various programs starting from the morning. At 8 am, Swami Turiyamritananda Puri performed the puja to Amma’s padukas, with the ashram residents chanting Vedic mantras and Amma’s 108 names. Each resident lined up to bow to Amma’s padukas and to offer some flowers, and then received the prasad of unniappas, payasam, and some other sweet.

After a talk by Swami Jnanamritananda Puri, Amma’s father, Suguna Acchan, as he is called, gave a wonderful talk. He talked about his experiences with Amma from her childhood. He said that when Damayanti Amma was pregnant with Amma, in her fifth month she saw a bright light in a dream. When she told Acchan, he didn’t pay any mind to it, because he said that his wife used to say every little thing. Damayanti Amma also saw a vision in a dream of her holding Sri Krishna as a child and milking Him. When she told this, Acchan said, ‘of course. You’re all the time doing puja in the morning, and reading Bhagavata. But I don’t see any Sri Krishna.’

When Amma was born, Acchan said that she was completely silent. The parents thought that the child was dead, because they had already lost (premature birth) three children , but they were surprised and calmed when they saw that it was alive and smiling.

Acchan related how Amma used to constantly steal things from the house and give to poor people and beggars. He would come home, and he would find a mere hanger where his clothes used to be.

He said that he often beat Amma. Recently he was questioned by some one and scolded him for this, saying, ‘why did you beat Amma?, you are so cruel’ Acchan replied, ‘Didn’t Yashoda tie up Krishna? Didn’t Rama’s mother send him to the forest? Why? Because nobody told them that their child was God. Similarly, nobody told me that my child is God.’

He also related a very interesting story of late. It seems that his old gold ring had become too tight for his finger. He asked Amma to give him a new ring. Amma said, ‘why do you ask for a ring?  Take refuge in God.’ Acchan said, ‘you are the Goddess of wealth Herself, so you can give.’ Amma didn’t reply.Days later, an eagle was flying nearby and dropped off a packet in front of Acchan’s house. The eagle could’ve landed and dropped it off anywhere in that area, which is now filled with workers, but it landed in front of his house. He picked up the packet, and found a small watch that fit him perfectly, and a new gold ring. He now keeps that ring and watch in his puja room, and shows them to people.

Many of these things are events that many of us already know about, and have read in Amma’s biography. For me, I feel a very powerful sensation when I hear these events from the lips of Suguna Acchan. I feel that any of these stories from Amma’s childhood really come to life when he speaks. What a blessed man! Blessed are we to have Amma as our Guru.-

— Piyush

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  1. Lovely story — thanks so much.

  2. aum shri gurubhyo: namah:

  3. Om Namah Shivaya! Prayers offered at AMMAs Divine Lotus Feet.

  4. Sad to receive message that Sugunachhan, the father of our Guru Maa, has passed away this morning. He is a proud father of the Parashakti and he got Mukti. For Amma the relation does not make any difference. Like we all as ammas children Sugunachhan is also the son of the Goddess!

    May the goddess give Sugunachhan Mukti.

  5. “Enna thavam Seythayo, Suguna Achcha, engum niraintha Para Brahmma unnai Achcha endru azhaiththida”
    The above lines is an adaption of a famous song or Lord Krishna’s mother Yashoda, where the poet wonders what amount of penance Yashoda has undergone in several lives to have the privilege of being addressed AMMA by the Supreme Consciousness – God – Self. Same applies to our beloved Late Sugunachchan.

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