Question 77:
“What was the biggest mistake you made in your life? Was it avoidable?”

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  1. The biggest mistake I made was to think that I could rewrite the rules of living for myself and I experimented on myself. At the time, I had a limited understanding of how and why things happen and one thing I did not understand was the importance of loving mySelf/self. I couldn’t have avoided it as that is what my life had in store for me.

  2. Mistakes are counted by those who think that the world they live in is real. We all are playing our role as given to us by GOD. Our self is the one who was there before, who is there now and who would be there in future also.

  3. when ” I ” decided “I” would be a good Mom, “I” would do better than my Mom, it was going to be the goal of my life…

  4. Hmmm, I think my biggest mistakes could be a very trival thing afterall. My biggest mistake was to do a course I could have avoided. I needn’t have face a supervisor who did not only teach me anything valuable for my course but told me I was going to fail in life. Its the biggest mistake to me and one I regret. Because in the end, I underwent serious bouts of depression and anxiety. I guess my mistake was to allow someone to tell me I was going to fail. Why do the words of someone who is inconsequential to me affect me the most?
    Was it avoidable? I guess so. I could have run out or walked out at any point. But being told that you’re a failure could have happened at any other stage in life. It just made me stronger. It wasn’t and still is not completely avoidable.

  5. The mistake may be is: “I have done the mistake”. Of course Amma will guide us to remove that mistake 🙂

  6. If we look back we can find lots of mistakes, which we won’t be able to correct, but can repent and try not to repeat. As Amma says: past is cancelled cheque. One should live in accordance with the principles of living [which is depicted in the scriptures of each religion]. Amma is there to lead us and once you board on to Amma flight just relax. She will take you to the destination. I am just trying to follow Her instructions given throught situations and do not even judge whether it’s right or wrong. Amma Sharanam.

  7. I was told that a mistake is a mis -take. A missing the mark. I believe most of us have done mistakes. I do not think that we can make God responsible for our mistakes, although they are part of our learning to choose rightly, it is we that choose and by choosing using our God given gift of free Choice. God wants us to learn to choose as he would choose in our situation and gives us a perfect example in Amma. Avoidable mistakes are those we have acknoledged as mistakes but still repeat them. I pray to Amma to give us all the strength and wisdom to choose rightly and so to become happy.

  8. Like everyone I have made mistakes; small ones and sometimes bigger ones maybe. But truly the so-called mistakes are for us to learn from, so cannot be looked at as ‘avoidable’. They are for the good, for learning.
    The only ‘avoidable’ mistakes I might have made are when failing to admit my mistakes!!!

  9. My biggest mistake was hurting the people I love and maybe others too. This year I surrender this all to Amma, probably with a great deal of fear unfortunately.

  10. I, too, wonder if there are any avoidable mistakes or, actually, any “mistakes” at all, although there are definitely “apparent” mistakes galore. How we feel about this depends on who we think is behind every move we make, every thought we think. If we think there is some “percentage principle” at work, then we can say God is responsible for, say, 50% of our actions and we are autonomous for the other half. If we try as hard as possible not, for example, to get angry, still the uncontrollable impulse comes uninvited. This is part of the mystery we struggle to understand as we look at Amma.

  11. Of course, I repeatedly committed shameless blunders for which I paid the due as conferred on by Lord Yama, the Lord of Dharma.
    I could have avoided them, if I had met a great Guru like AMMA earlier.

  12. Even after meeting Amma I made mistakes that I could’ve avoided. The vasanas that I thought I was rid of were blown into dramatic exaggerations and the emphasis hit home.
    When Amma says that the path to God looks difficult as you start facing your vasanas under the guidance of the satguru, I use that line as a constant reminder on the way. She works in mysterious ways – we behave in mysterious ways when She takes over.

  13. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, and i guess all of them were avoidable. However, i wouldn’t avoid any of them because many proved to be not mistakes now as they have helped me evolve and grow in many areas of my life.

  14. Got married.But that time there was no common sense.It was avoidable if i can think like these days.

  15. My biggest mistake was getting married in 1984. that I could’ve avoided. if I had met a great Guru like Amma before. Amma always says;past is cancelled cheque and live in present.

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