28 Sep 2008 WebSupport

Technical problems


Dear all,

Best spiritual wishes to you all on this most special day!

The web-team wants also to inform you that it is due to internet connectivity problems, that we were unable to offer additional information and updates on the Birthday day. Technical problems have caused the Amrita chimes to be disabled too. We are sorry for this to happen on this special occasion. We know well how valuable this would have been to you and hope to be able to fix the problem at the earliest.

Amritapuri.org web-team

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  1. Om Namah Shivaya, dear Brothers of the web team,
    Appreciate your efforts for bring us the new design, even without the “techical problems” this child loved the old one more, maybe it was not the ” a sofisticated and fashionable design” but it was friendly and familiar, easy to surf, the blogs were great, easy to find articles, pictures, share experiences etc. also it abled to dowload beloved Amma’s pictures, to write via e-services etc. Believe with time will get used to this one too, but in the meantime… patience…will need to adjust to the change ( as Amma is saying, everything is changing accept and adjust with love to all situation )
    in Amma’s love and smile

  2. i completely agree with chetana….i also like the old design more…..it was more user friendly and was very easy to find articles….the green and white color combination was more beautiful i feel….hope as time goes i’l start to like this new design too…..And i sincerely appreciate the efforts of the web team to help us to be in touch with the things happening around our Dearest Amma…..it is indeed a great Seva….Namah shivaya…

  3. I agree with chetana as well. I felt there was nothing missing, nor wrong with the former design. Sometimes the wise saying is still true…”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” It is also harder to see the Amma quote for the day. On the former Web Design it was the first thing I looked at each and every day and now it is not the same. Being the same color as the title bar makes it disappear into the background.
    Sorry, don’t mean to detract from all your hard work. I know you mean the best.

  4. Dear web team.
    Thank you very much for the effort and hard work you have been doing to re design the web page. Technical problems due to internet connectivity are not your responsibility.
    The first day I opened the new design, in the home page there was a photo of Amma smiling and with Her thumbs up approving something. To me she was saying to the web team “good work”. And that is what I say also. I like the new design much better, the colours are much warmer and I find it very easy to navigate and very complete. Keep waking. Thank you .

  5. Thankyou, As soon as I opened the front page for Amritapuri, I loved it.
    I’m missing Amrita Chimes. With Amma’s grace, I’m sure it will be back ASAP.


  7. I met amma in thrisshur in 1984.My father took more effort to organize program in paramekkavu temple.I showed that picture when amma was in bhava darshanam in new york and amma started laughing.Amma showing my fathers and swami’s pictures to everyone.she is part of my life.every once in a week when sleep she come to me and sit nearby my bed.i don’t think so that is not dream.i told amma ” amma.. iam not worried anything because you are always with me again she was laughing.

  8. I love the new style of photos; Amma is closer
    I just miss “offer to Amma” – on the computer.
    Thank you for all these opportunities

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