Happy news for Amma’s children. You can now receive news on Amma, via AmmaChimes on your mobile via sms. To get the updates get a twitter account from twitter.com, register your mobile with your twitter account (http://twitter.com/devices). After the confirmation, send an sms to the number which Twitter specify ( will vary according to country) […]

Dear children of Amma, The homepage is up and running with fresh look and feel. We had some problems in the upgrade. With Amma’s grace all went very well. We still have to fix small things here and there. let us know if you also come across any. Your comments are most welcome! Thanks for […]

14 Nov , 1.35 am Dear all The server is up and running.. .. browse Amritpauri.org BTW, once the site is up, this is the thought that appeared on thought of the moment! “The master destroys obstacles and reveals to the seeker the sacred path.”- Amma – the web team **************** Server shifted 13 Nov, […]

Aum Dear all, Best spiritual wishes to you all on this most special day! The web-team wants also to inform you that it is due to internet connectivity problems, that we were unable to offer additional information and updates on the Birthday day. Technical problems have caused the Amrita chimes to be disabled too. We […]

Dear children of Amma With the grace of Amma, the site with the new design of Amritapuri.org is just released. Many pages and links are yet to be activated. As told earlier it is only a ‘beta version’ We would love to hear your feedback. – the web team ——————— 1. We know that the […]

Aum Amriteswaryai Namah Blessed Children of Amma, We are pleased to announce that within a few days we will be launching a new version of Amritapuri.org. We wanted it to be launched before the birthday as an ‘Online Gift’ to our Omnipresent Amma. There were a lot of technical problems, some web team members were […]

Some people have found difficulty in reading the text on our web site. On your browser do you see funny characters like this below? Then the problem is with your browser. Change the settings of code view to UTF8 format like below.

Dear children of Amma,www.Amritapuri.org was started to help her children to ‘be online with Amma’.To this effect, we are starting a new feature called

Blessed Children of Amma, Amritavani is ready to return. Thanks for your co-operation and patience. We also have a new feature. When you subscribe to Amritavani, (Click here to read about Amritavani) whenever an important event happens, we will alert you via email to make sure that you don’t miss any important info or any […]