18 Jan, Coimbatore, Bharata yatra 2009
During Coimbatore program, I happened to stand near Amma. I was watching Amma giving Darshan to the thousands of  devotees.

Suddenly, Amma asked a man who came for Darshan, about his health. Amma asked him whether he was suffering from diabetes. He said, Yes. Amma was very much worried and asked him to sit near Her. She immediately called out for the Blood Glucose meter. Lola pulled out the Glucose meter to Amma. Amma, Herself took the blood sample of this person, as She was giving Darshan. First time it showed HI- means the its too much that the meter cannot read. more than 500!). She was not happy with the result. Again She took another sample. The meter again read HI.  Amma told him, “darling son, do you realize how serious your condition is?”.

She asked him to go to a good hospital for his treatment. She said that, if he doesn’t take proper treatment, it will affect his liver, kidney,eyes etc… She even made him promise Her that he will go to a doctor for treatment.

When the man was about leave, She rubbed his shoulders and showered lots of SWEET LOVE.

– SriRam.

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  1. Jai Amma. What a blessing. She loves her children so much. Her devine embrace will hold him until he can get to a doctor.

  2. Ammachi is great….

  3. Wow! I hope the man realizes the urgency of the situation. The Guru’s miracles work only if the student/disciple/follower is receptive too! But, heyyy he certainly is blessed that AMMA brought it to his attention. Now, all he needs to do is take the advice and consult a doctor. Jai Ma!

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