Last night Amma had a big public darshan program in Udupi Karnataka -the place famous for Rukmini’s Krishna and for saints like Kanaka Dasa. Observing Amma is in inspiration in itself. Even though the all knowing mother will never proclaim her divinity some things make it seem so natural and so evident. As an impartial […]

Just like 2 years back, no major tours have been scheduled for the December-March period and the ever growing number of visitors and residents have been enjoying a blessed and stretched extended period near Amma, right here in Amritapuri… where it all began 40 years ago. The darshan days are busier than ever with large […]

Seeing 2 missed calls from Senthil, I was wondering what the urgency was, as he is the CEO of an International firm, lives in Srilanka. I got through to him to hear an excited voice at the other end telling me, “Guess whom I met in the airport lounge today? AMMA!!.” I couldn’t believe my […]

Question 214: On 27th we are celebrating Amma’s 59th Birthday. Which of Amma’s generous gifts to all touches your heart the most: The unlimited motherly love & patience offered in her Darshan? The impressive humanitarian services offered by her mission? Or her spiritual guidance and teachings? Please make your answer brief and clear (maximum 5 […]

The story about the crow who put stones into the pot half filled with water, till the level of water rose enough for it to drink. These are Amma’s satsangs – who likens the story of the water and the crow to that ‘something’ that is already in you but needs effort – the stones […]

May 28th, Seattle, USA Amma’s 2010 North American Tour started yesterday with public programs at the new Hyatt Regency in Bellevue near Seattle. Amma began evening bhajans by singing Sri Ganayaka and ended with Jai Ma Ambe.  In between were 6 new bhajans. Sri Gananayaka Giridhar He  (Hindi)- “Oh Lord who lifted the mountain, leader […]

This happened long back during my School days. I used to compel my friends to come along to meet Amma. Still those memories of, travelling in the boat and reaching ashram and feeling some inner joy, waiting to see her in the hall,not knowing  for what and why? Anyway this is about one of my […]

It was Amma’s first visit to  the city of Tanur, and one could discern the accumulated longing and the enthusiasm of the waiting devotees pouring out on that auspicious occasion. As I was coming out, bleary eyed, early in the morning for my cup of tea, I could barely believe my eyes when I saw […]

18 Jan, Coimbatore, Bharata yatra 2009 During Coimbatore program, I happened to stand near Amma. I was watching Amma giving Darshan to the thousands of  devotees. Suddenly, Amma asked a man who came for Darshan, about his health. Amma asked him whether he was suffering from diabetes. He said, Yes. Amma was very much worried […]