It has been two days since I returned home from the 5th AYUDH retreat held at Hof Herrenberg, the German ashram buried in meadows of lush green landscape, enriched with the loving presence of our beloved Amma.

It was through one of Amma’s playful leelas that I ended up at the AYUDH retreat, taking on the surprising role of temporary UK Youth Leader due to the sudden illness of (the now recovered) UK AYUDH captain.  The role was a shake to my own system as I wondered what an earth Amma was up to and why I had been given, what seemed to be a challenging situation in unfamiliar land.  Physically I found myself undertaking a foreign journey, where I started the week over-age, knowing no one, and in a country where the most I could say was “thank-you”.

The essence of the week was so much more than the activities of those few days though, so much more than “what was done” it was about “who we were being” in relation to the world, it was about the Youth amongst us understanding the world in a deeper context than what the media portray, it paved the way for messages of togetherness, feelings of peace, friendships and a new perspective on life as we are taught it by institutions.  Venturing deeply into the qualities of leadership which are constantly and continually demonstrated by our Beloved Amma, it was a unique opportunity to encourage love between our younger and future generations, to reduce the separation that is build between neighbours (let alone countries), to encourage acceptance and appreciation and to foster initiatives of worldly and individual peace.

As I ventured home I realised my own perception of the “Youthful ones” had changed considerably after spending more than a week with amongst them, more than my perception I felt the stirring of hope for the world we live in.  The collective and individual leadership demonstrated within the Youth Camp had profoundly touched me.  I realised that all of us older and elder Amma devotees now have a unique opportunity to reach out and actively support AYUDH activities in any way we can, spreading the word of this wonderful initiative is imperative to the well-being of the world both today and for the future.

Amma loves all of her children it is true, but to see so many of her younger ones open their hearts, ready to receive her warmth and grace, to listen to her guidance and to enjoy the fruits of her stories, gave me a strong reminder that Amma, really is for everyone, and we should not hesitate to spread the word of our wonderful Humanitarian who is working effortlessly for us and generations to come to live peacefully side by side.  As Br. Subhamritra delivered the Peace ritual every morning, those present felt the shakti serenade not just the hearts that were present but also the soul of this earth that we live through, and have the opportunity to change.


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