Question 131:
From today’s international personalities, whom would like to see meeting Amma? Why?”
Please make your answer clear and brief (maximum 5 or 6 lines).

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  1. at first thought of all the powerful people that might be transformed of heart if they meet Amma and perhaps it would help them to make policies or decisions to better the world… then remembered a photo of Amma with 2 young girls 10 to 12 yrs old… Oh my, their faces and eyes shone with such radiance and awe… so instead of opting for a powerful person i would rather all the young girls of the world between 10 and 12 could meet Amma, to see, to feel, to touch, to know what is REAL LOVE… that would be the greater revolution that would echo out long past any single world personality…


  3. Actually i would like all of them to see Her, as it would definitely create a better tomorrow.
    since the question is specific and no choice is given, would tell, Dr. Manmohan singh and Obama!

  4. Whom AMMA chooses let him
    Or her be at Her Lotus Feet,
    For the present is a present
    To be offered at Her Holy Feet.

  5. Osama Bin Laden, Dawood Ibrahim, and all the world-famous terrorists, so that this world becomes a better place to live in after their transformation after they meet Amma.

  6. I would like Obama and his family meet Amma and take Her blessings. Person like Obama, serving humanity with true compassion, faith in God and commitment need lots of divine grace and blessings to carry on with their good work for the world.

  7. The most evil people in the world need Amma most. I wish dictators like those in Burma and Zimbabwe could receive Darshan. That could really change things.

  8. If I had to prioritize then some of the personalities in the war-torn countries so it changes their hearts to spread love rather than fear and hatred.
    It would be better for everyone to meet Amma, not just world personalities because a loving human race can effect great/wonderful changes.

  9. Mahmoud Ahmedinejad and the North Korea Guy. Also the Chinese and Pakistani leaders. Maybe they will leave their hard core “values” and/or dictatorship aside and a whole lot of positive change maybe effected…Maybe…! But the last time i checked with AMMA, she said, “You change”…Stop trying to change the world”. 😀

  10. One meeting may not be able to change the course of the world! In order to see a change the person has to have faith and meet Amma many times and constantly think and breathe Amma’s value system – which is dharma. So we can’t politicize this.
    Maybe in her next birth Amma will be a world leader in a political sense and then this transformation that we all hope for can happen!

  11. Personally, I would like everyone to meet Amma at least once in their lifetime, irrespective of the fact that they are international personalities or just regular people .Why just international personalities, every individual can gain a lot after meeting Amma. Everyone in the world needs spiritual solace which only Amma can give in abundance.

  12. Amma says ” You change need to change the world. When you change..the world around you changes automatically. This is so true when we think about the changes taking place around Amma.
    May all beings be influenced by Amma so that the world could be a better place..Amme Sharanam

  13. My personal wish is everyone should meet Amma at least once in their lifetime, but my answer to the question is I would like all bad people like terrorists and underworld don should meet AMMA then they will change and AMMA’s dream will come true…”Everyone in the world should be able to sleep without fear………

  14. We have met Amma, first we need to change, and then we pray for others to change. In fact change will happen automatically one by one. The leaders only project our collective impure mind, and when we change we will make the difference in them. But at the same time all leaders must meet Amma, then their goal of improving people’s lives will have the right understanding and Amma’s blessings.

  15. May be it should be the movie stars and celebrities from music industry because more people tend to imitate their favorite idols and if they see that the movie stars are following a particular ideology then they would try to inculcate the same thing in themselves. And this would bless everyone in the process. Om Amma

  16. Well I believe that not just the famous personalities but everyone should get an opportunity to meet Amma and I am sure for Amma there is no difference between a famous personality and an ordinary man or for that matter a street dog. For Her everyone is her child.

  17. The Arab and Israeli leaders.

  18. I think Bill Gates should meet Amma personally. Like Amma, Bill Gates has done Huge charity work through various foundations across the Globe. He is also of a humble nature. I think he will be more than Happy to see The Universal Mother Amma who is the Humbler of the Humblest!

  19. I would like to see Oprah coming to see Amma. Because she has also transcended very difficult circumstances to be where she is today and she gives away a lot. They will generate some powerful vibrations.

  20. I wish that all the people in the world be blessed by Amma.

  21. I would love to see all the terrorists meeting Amma. Definitely that would the last time that they would be called as one.

  22. All the famous gurus and spiritual teachers as it would be in the benefit of the world and reveal the truth. Also all the most powerful CEO’s because it might have a positive effect on them to be altruistic and compassionate. Even better would be for everyone in the world to meet Amma! – this could transform the world.

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