14 Nov , 1.35 am

Dear all

The server is up and running.. .. browse Amritpauri.org

BTW, once the site is up, this is the thought that appeared on thought of the moment!

“The master destroys obstacles and reveals to the seeker the sacred path.”- Amma

– the web team


Server shifted

13 Nov, 20:09

Dear children of Amma,

We have shifted the server of Amritpauri.org. The DNS cache may take some hours to clear out the old IP address.

Right now we are experienceing that the the server is taking too much time to respond, and its timed out @ 7.53 pm India.

Thanks for your patience.

– the web team


Shifting server

11 Nov 18.54

Since we are in the process of shifting the hosting server of Amritapuri.org, we are unable to publish the latest news on the site. We are sure that you will bear with us.
We hope that the server change and the DNS switching will be carried out in another 2 days.
Thanks for your patience.

– the web team

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  1. ! Amritpauri.org has to be Amritapuri.org and the hyperlink www instead of wwww ! (https://e.amritapuri.org/blogs/)
    Amritapuri.org has been notified.

  2. New design of the entire site is very good. Nice work the whole team.
    You were very fast too, I should say.
    Love to see the ‘Sadhana Instructions’, topic back in the site.
    Thanks for that too.
    Great work !

  3. The site looks splendid now, and as cmdevadath says its great to see the Sadhana instructions on the site! Well done!

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