Thursday, November 25, 2009

Bri Shanthamrita gave a satsang. Amma held a Question and Answer session. The questions that Amma answered include “What can we do to help solve world problems?”, “How to surrender anxiety to God?”, “How to get over jealousy?”

Here is a list of bhajans from today’s program:

* Jai Ganesa Jai
* Vande Nanda Kumaram Vande
* Ennute Jivita Nauka
* Khol Darvasa
* Shankara Shiva Shankara
* Ammavele Ma Ammavele (Telugu)
* O Meri Pyari Mayya

‘Khol Darvasa’ bhajan rocked the hall! There were nice cultural programs performed by local devotees during the evening darshan which included Indian dances, Mexican & Russian songs and performance by Grammy Award-winning Country and Bluegrass artist Jim Lauderdale.

Friday, November 26, 2009

Today was Devi Bhava day. Amma was wearing a beautiful Maroon saree with golden border. Devi Bhava ended at 9:40 am on Saturday. Amma left us with so many memorable experiences during the past two weeks in US programs. We are all very grateful for that.

Amma left that evening to go to Her Vrindavan of Amritapuri. However, She always resides in the Vrindavan of our hearts!