Today we went with Br. Shantamrita to the United Nations Development Program headquarters in Nairobi for a mini workshop on stress management.  Br. Shantamrita was invited in to conduct a meditation with 50 members of  senior United Nations directors of various UN programs, undergoing a 3-day orientation program for their new assignment in Somalia. In addition to receiving training in security and safety they had a ½ day module on stress management, a badly needed skill in Somalia, torn by war, terrorism and piracy. The psychologist who manages the Somalia UN group told us the staff in Somalia cannot even leave the building they live and work in because of the life threatening environment for their situation. She is required to physically go to Somalia and work with the staff on a regular basis.

Br. Shantamrita’s session began with a short presentation on the psychological and physiological benefits of meditation. He then guided the participants through a 20 minute meditation, teaching them how to relax their minds by focusing awareness different ways.  The meditation was wonderful and the group was very focused as you can well imagine they would be.  If well received, the psychologist wants us to come and start teaching the IAM meditation technique.

– Nikhila & Hanuman

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  1. I like to read your texts! Very down to earth spiritual action. A beautiful and inspiring example of Ammas disciple. Thank you.

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