Happy news for Amma’s children.

You can now receive news on Amma, via AmmaChimes on your mobile via sms.

To get the updates get a twitter account from twitter.com, register your mobile with your twitter account (http://twitter.com/devices). After the confirmation, send an sms to the number which Twitter specify ( will vary according to country) send a message to your Twitter code with the command ‘FOLLOW AmmaChimes’

The usual sms charges will be applicable for subscription.

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  1. thank you amma for putting another way to stay connected to you and another means to remember you … 🙂

  2. Its AMMAs LOVE for Her children. Koti Koti Pranamams AMMA.

  3. Thank you so much for an amazing Holi gift.
    Nothing could be more colourful in life than getting SMSs related to Amma.
    Thanks a lot to the wohle webteam for thinking so much for us, who are physically away from Amma

  4. Om Namassivaya!!
    This is yet another way to spread Amma’s news and messages..
    May the fragrance of Amma’s Love spread everywhere!!

  5. Anandakodi pranam at Thy Lotus feet for giving another way of connections in this auspicious day of Holi. Amma all of Thy Mumbai children wish Thou Art a very very happy Holi. We are very much longing to play Holi with Thou Art.

  6. Pranams To Amma……for this wonderful gift……
    To stay connected to you…alwaysssss…..

  7. namah shivaya:
    thanks to amma for the sms fecility of “ammachimes”….

  8. I am happy for AMMA’s children in india. But it is not fair that only AMMA’s chilren in India get the gift. So what about the children living abroad.There should be some way we can do something like this abroad too…:(

  9. i am so happy to receive the information regarding ammas activities. my sincere thanks to gooogle

  10. I am really happy to know about this service Actually it is gift by amma to her kids,the flow of her love is endless and so we can expect more services like this

  11. maa, i am really blessed. i prayed to you to help me think about u and you gave me this gift. how do i thank u amma.LOVE YOU AMMA.

  12. AMMA reaches out to her children in all circumstances, rain or sunshine, e mails or sms, holi or dipawali, every moment to enrich our lives with so much love, like mother Yashoda who after receiving Lord Krishna after a long gap was so much filled with emotion and motherly affection that it is said that “mother’s milk” had started oozing out of her breast, is that not our AMMA’S attitude towards us? How blessed are we…

  13. Amritapuri Site new look …very nice

  14. Hope the Blessings of Amma..

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